October 3, 2009
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Taryn Simon at TED “Distortion is a Constant”


Talking about present and future photographic stuff is funny but if we want to talk about serious photography you absolutely have to see this video on TED: http://www.ted.com/talks/taryn_simon_photographs_secret_sites.html. She talks about her latest book “An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar“. The video is 17minutes long and there is not a single boring minute. I have to say it has been very very very inspiring! To be honest I wont talk to long here. See it for yourself!!!

October 3, 2009
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Having fun with Olympus patents :(

WARNING: If you really want to enjoy your weekends don’t do what I have done today! :)

What have I done? I visited the US patent and trademark office website (http://appft.uspto.gov/). This website shows the latest manufactorer patents and I wanted to see what Olympus is doing.

First I have to say it is a really boring job. There are many documents full of tech description most of us wont understand (and a lot of them have nothing to with Olympus cameras)


Let’s see what you can find:

What kind of disease is that? Sounds dangerous!


2) Then I found something I thought could be interesting for future Olympus lenses. The title sounds promising…”METHOD FOR FORMING ANTI-REFLECTION COATING AND OPTICAL ELEMENT “.

But when you try to understand what exactly is going on the text doesn’t exactly help:

A method for forming an anti-reflection coating of alkali-treated silica aerogel on a substrate, comprising the steps of hydrolyzing and polymerizing alkoxysilane in the presence of a base catalyst to prepare an alkaline sol, adding an acid catalyst to the alkaline sol to carry out further hydrolysis and polymerization to prepare a first acidic sol, hydrolyzing and polymerizing alkoxysilane in the presence of an acid catalyst to prepare a second acidic sol, mixing the first and second acidic sols, applying the resultant mixed sol to the substrate, drying it, and treating the resultant silica aerogel coating with an alkali.

Ohhhhh! Easy! Everybody can do it!


3) Then Olympus seems to have invented a misterious “LIQUID DEVELOPER“. I know you have all waited very long for that moment! And here you have the explanation of that “Liquid developer”:

It is an object of the present invention to provide a liquid developer in which in liquid developers for electrophotography or electrostatic recording obtained using the coacervation method, electric resistance of the liquid developer and the electrophoretic property or the charging characteristic of the toner particles are adequately maintained, and the dispersibility of a pigment and the dispersion stability of the toner particles are good. A liquid developer formed by dispersing colored resin particles comprising at least a pigment, a dispersant and a resin in a hydrocarbon insulating medium using a coacervation method, wherein said dispersant is a carbodiimide compound having at least one basic nitrogen-containing group and at least one polyester side chain introduced through a reaction with a carbodiimide group in its molecule, and said resin is an acid group-containing resin and the acid value of the resin is 1 to 100.

Do you know what it is now?


After reading such kind of documents for hours I found something usefull and I will post it soon on 43rumors.com. Anyway, You can try to find more interesting patents and may add some funny crazy tech-text by commenting this post!




October 3, 2009
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(UPDATED) For rich people only post!

You can get your Leica S2 at amazon for $22,995.00. And if you want a better with 3 inch LCD Sapphire LCD Cover Glass and Platinum Service Package it costs you $27,995.00 only!

I will stick with my good old 12 Megapixel :)

UPDATE: If you want to spend more money get this: Hasselblad H3D-39II, Medium Format Digital SLR Camera with 39mp Sensor & 3

and you can find a funny user review on this item!

I purchased this camera in lieu of paying rent on my apartment for 4 years, and believe me when I say it was worth it. I used the box that it came in as a hat and some other boxes for a home. It’s uncomfortable but the pictures I’ve taken of my new home are so sharp that you can see the fleas on the brick I use for a pillow. I can also take high detail pictures of my children (who I am no longer able to see due to court order resulting from gross negligence) from an acceptable distance. Highly recommended!“  LOL ;)

October 3, 2009
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Olympus E-P1 wins the Good “Design Award 2009″

The Olympus has won the Design Award 2009 (a japanese contest)

There is also a Jury comments point evaluation of the product design award on the japanese Olympus website.

October 3, 2009
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Focus Numerique posts a G1/GH1/GF1/E-P1 ISO comparison table!

Visit the Focus Numerique website to see the ISO comparison table. The website is written in french but you don’t really need to know the language. Just look the pictures!


For those who do not speak french here you have the google translation in english:

After some tests with a non-permanent housing, we invite you to explore new photos taken in the classic conditions of our tests. GF1 The Panasonic does not offer several levels of noise reduction and we just played with the correction of brightness to see its influence on the management of electronic noise at high sensitivities. As usual, you can view images in full definition by clicking on the thumbnails and download the raw file format (RW2).

The Panasonic is equipped with the same 12 MP sensor as the Panasonic G1. However, the chip image processing is a Venus Engine HD (identical to that of GH1 this time).
As on the previous model, the electronic noise is well managed up to ISO 800, the sheep is certainly noticeable at ISO 200 and 100% on screen, but it is virtually indistinguishable on an HDTV monitor 1080 in full screen or an A4. The grain is, logically, more and more prevalent with the increase in sensitivity, but images remain many details until ISO 800 and prints are perfectly usable even in A3 +. We note, however, the presence of flat colors in the uniform areas (already observed at ISO 400 on screen at 100%).
Beyond ISO 800, the colored bands are more visible, but at ISO 1600 the images were still holding. At ISO 3200 things are a bit more complicated: the grain is coarser and more colorful (always in the form of strips). The details are somewhat diluted, but with a bit of post scanning (with raw files in particular), it is possible to have more than respectable results on a A3 +.
With the brightness correction enabled, the presence of electronic noise is more pronounced in standard mode, the pixels are more colorful and visible images at 1600 ISO less convincing. In high mode, the sheep is much more visible and details deteriorated to 1600 and especially ISO 3200. Use sparingly so …

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