December 14, 2009
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THE 2.0 digital camera (Gianni Galassi)

TRIANGLES from Gianni Galassi (taken with the G1)

TRIANGLES from Gianni Galassi (taken with the G1)

The italian photographer Gianni Galassi just wrote a article the future of digital cameras. Interesting, he switched from Nikon to MicroFourThirds!

Many Leica user will be disappointed when they will read following text:

IMHO Micro 4/3 can really be considered as the Third-Millennium Leica (whereas M8 and M9 can not). Image quality is there, along with lighter and smaller bodies, easier to build lenses (thanks to their reduced size), and all the possibilities of an almost open source system, which will help keeping the prices low. I made a rule of always carrying a camera with me.


By the way, I use a point-and-shoot pocket-size ten mpixel Panasonic TZ65 every now and then. In my next exhibition there will be at least one photograph made with that camera. I promise I will make a gift of that photograph to the first visitor who will guess which one it is.

I fully agree with what he is saying!

P.S.: I contacted him and he promised me to show us soon new images taken with the

December 14, 2009
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(FT3) First rumors about the new Panasonic sensor

Some rumors we received do say that Panasonic developed a sensor which has a better High-ISO quality (around +1stop quality gain) and better Dynamic Range. It is very likely that there will not be a Megapixel-number increase. In February and March both companies (Panasonic and Olympus) are going to unveil new cameras which will use the new sensor. Olympus should unveil one (or more?) FourThirds cameras and Panasonic a new MicroFourThirds model.

(FT2) One of our very new sources also told us that Panasonic has applied the backlight-tecnology to the FourThirds sensor.
Editos’s note: I always thought that backlight tecnology would only make sense on very small sensor so I can’t judge if the rumor is fake or if it referrs to a completely new type of backlight sensor which also works for bigger sensor.

UPDATE: Panasonic recently announced the new Panasonic 2.2/3-inch CMOS Image Sensor Based on Dual Resolution and Exposure Technique.

December 14, 2009
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The Germany-Spain deals page!

Las ofertas mejores en Pixmania:
Olympus E-P1 + Objetivo 14-45mm 639 €: color negro / color plateado
Panasonic GF1 + Objetivo 20mm color negro 787 €
Panasonic GF1 + Objetivo 14-45mm por 688 €: color rojo / color plata
Panasonic GF1 (CUERPO) color rojo a 499 €
Panasonic GH1 rojo a 1.249 €

Wir haben die Preise mit anderen Online-Shops verglichen und in Pixmania Deutschland gibt es folgende Schnäppchen:
Schwarze Panasonic LX3 für 357,93 € Mit dem Gutschein-Code “Pixmas2009″.
Panasonic GF1 (Body only): Kostet 530,59 € mit Gutscheincode “Pixmas2009″, in Schwarz / in Silber / in Weiss / oder Rot
Panasonic GF1 + 20mm Objektiv in Schwarz 807 € / in Weiss 879 € / in Silber 879 €
Panasonic GF1 + 14-45mm Objektiv in Schwarz 755 € / in Weiss 785 € / in Silber 706 € / in Rot 706 €
Panasonic GH1 für 1.268,76 € mit dem Promo-Code -Pixmas2009-
Der Gutscheincode “Pixmas2009″ ist auch für Olympus MicroFourThirds Produkte gültig (es gibt -3% Rabatt). Wenn man ab Dezember 15 und noch bevore Ende Jänner eine E-P1 kauft wird Euch auch noch direkt von olympus ein Flash im Wert von 200 Euro zugeschickt! Klicke hier um mehr zu erfahren:
Mit folgende codes kann man bei Pixmania Österreich einen Rabatt bekommen!
PIXAT71209 7Euro ab 250Euro Einkaufswert
PIXAT101209 10Euro ab 350Euro Einkaufswert
Diese Codes sind ab Morgen, den 11.12.2009 bis Freitag den 18.12.2009 gültig.

December 14, 2009

a little bit of everything…

Panasonic GH1 720 / 24P
14-140mm F4.0-5.8
Canon FD 24mm F2.0
Canon FD 50mm F1.4
Canon FD 85mm F1.8
indiRAILSpro MP
Wondlan Pegasus II DV Stabilizer

The filmmaker sent me following text:

“I recently completed a documentary style music video for New York based artist Taiyo Na for his song Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother). It’s a music video dedicated to not only immigrant mothers but all our moms. It was completed just this past Thanksgiving weekend and done in time to commemorate and give thanks to our moms. And I wanted to share it here because it was all shot with the GH1 with many people who I just handed the camera to and said, “Here go and film your mom!”

The process of this film was a community based one so much of the main footage was shot by youth and adults who had very little experience using a camera. So in many respects this piece is a different kind of music video not that aesthetics are thrown out the window but that it is a much more process driven creation. The “mom” footage piece was shot with two GH1s with much of the stock lens footage on auto focus. Although I hate working with autofocus, we just didn’t have the time to teach people how to use the camera, the goal was more here’s a camera point and shoot with it. So in a way this is an experimental process, so yes from a technical stand point some footage shows some of the GH1′s issues and problems but over all it shows the power of the GH1 and m43 camera in general.

But I wanted to post this MV to show that sometimes we focus too much on the pixel peeping and the things that suck or are lacking about a camera and not enough time on the content or heart of a piece. Ultimately, we are telling stories be it in pictures or in a moving image. If that story is powerful enough I think then sometimes we can look beyond the negatives and see the real possibility of doing a lot with so little.

And that’s sort of what we did with this music video. Looked at using what we got now and to push it as far as we could to tell a compelling story.

I hope this little piece can inspire others to go out and shoot with the little you. And with the little GH1 we were able to get amazing results.

I hope you enjoy. I also run a blog called componentgeek too with some info. that may be useful for those who are using c-mount cine lenses.

Much respect,


There has been an incredible reaction against James Nachtwey because of his unpaid Internship offer! (via: TheOnlinePhotographer)
Triangles” from Gianni Galassi (taken with the Panasonic G1)
Lensbaby on GF1 (source: dpreview forum)
Are top compact cameras catching up with DSLRs? (source: DxO mark, via noisycamera)
Zeiss Lens Portraits with Beautiful Model and the Olympus E-P2 (source: TheDigitalStory)
A First Look at the Sigma DP1s (source:
Today Deals:
Amazon US: OlympusE-P1 Camera with 14-42mm Lens (Silver Body/Black Lens) for $666.93.
Amazon US: Olympus E-P2 Camera with 14-42mm Lens and Electronic View Finder in Stock
Amazon US: Panasonic GF1 in Stock on December 16!
Pixmania Deutschland: Hier klicken um die Schnäppchen Liste zu lesen.
Pixmania España: Lista de las ofertas mejores

December 13, 2009
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Double Panasonic GF1 review

Seriouscompacts shares his thoughts on the Panasonic GF1: “2 Months with the Panasonic GF1“.

And Jim Radcliffe wrote his Panasonic GF1 impressions comparing it with the Leica M8!

P.S.: Amazon US: Panasonic GF1 in Stock on December 16!

Pixmania Deutschland: Hier klicken um die Schnäppchen Liste zu lesen.
Pixmania España: Lista de las ofertas mejores.

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