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Let’s Go to Future (SLR Magic 35mm T1.4) from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

We are close to Christmas and I guess plenty of you are buying cameras in the very lats minute. European readers that like me want to save some bucks may try their luck on the well known refurbished Oly cameras from Olympusmarket. Here is a list of the ongoing auctions:

Black body only Silver body only Black with 12-50mm lens All E-M5 auctions on eBay Slidoo.

Silver double lens kit Silver with 14-150mm lens

White with kit lens Red with kit lens Red double lens kit Black double lens kit Black with kit lens

Silver with 14-150mm lens Silver with kit lens Black with kit lens Brown with kit lens White with kit lens

Silver with kit lens

12mm lens 12-50mm lens 45mm lens 40-150mm lens FT 150mm f/2.0 lens


GX1 X kit Gold box deal. E-M5 Firmware update no big deal :(


There is a Gold Box deal on the Silver GX1 and 14-42mm X kit at Amazon (Click here).

And that’s the only big deal we had today as the December 14ht date for the E-m5 firmware release was wrong (P.S: it was a FT2 rumor from two unknown sources). So you see why you don’t see so many FT2 rumors on that website :(
UPDATE: 43rumros reader Samuel shared an email he got form Olympus saying that “we are not thinking of updating the firmware for OM-D E-M5 at present.”

Back to the GX1, there is also a new Camera Cover from Gariz (Click here to check out the three different versions for sale).


17mm lens ships in Germany (Cashback in France and 35-100mm X firmware and Lightroom update).


Our reader Klaus sent me the picture of the new Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens he just got from a store in Hamburg! And French readers should be even more happier because they got a 50 Euro cashback on that lens (read at lepidi).

And we have some small news:
1) Olympus Japan announced the availability of the 17mm acceccories and E-PL5 water housing (both sceduled for a December 21 release).
2) Panasonic Japan released the new firmware update for the 35-100mm X lens. The update enhances the AF (auto focus) performance with the sensor drive at 240 fps for use with DMC-GH3.
3) New Lightroom 4.3 update brings support of the E-PL5, E-PM2, XZ-2 and GH3.

There is still no store showing the 17mm as in Stock. You can save this Slidoo search to get notified when it will be on eBay (login to change country of reference). Preorders at at Adorama, BHphoto and Amazon DE.


Panasonic may sell its Sanyo digital camera business.



Reuters reports that “Panasonic may sell its Sanyo digital camera business to Japanese private equity fund Advantage Partners by the end of March
What I didn’t know til today is that “Advantage Partners” already makes cameras for other companies including Olympus. This should not have any influence on the Micro Four Thirds strategy. What Panasonic is selling is the unprofitable compact camera and video camera business acquired two years ago from Sanyo. As Reuters writes: “Sales of compact digital cameras are under pressure from increasingly powerful smartphones.