August 30, 2010
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(FT5) The new 40-150mm and 75-300mm MicroFourThirds lenses to be announced tomorrow (August 31)!


According to 43rumors sources Olympus will announce two new MicroFourThirds lenses:

1) The new M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 (equivalent of 150-600mm in 35mm)
It is the world smallest 600mm zoom lens. It weighs 430 grams and has a diameter of 7cm and 11.6cm length.
It allows nearly silent HD movie recording.
The new lenses are made with ED (extra-low dispersion)
It will be available in December 2010 for $899.99

2) the new M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 equivalent of 80-300mm in 35mm)
It weighs 190 grams.
It will be available in November 2010 for $299.99

The current Olympus m43 lenses are the:
9-18mm f/4.0-5.6
14-42mm f/3.5-5.6
14-150mm lens f/4.0-5.6
17mm f/2.8

According to our sources prime lenses will be announced in the months after Photokina.

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August 29, 2010
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(FT5) HOT! Olympus E-5 to be announced on September 14. New E-P2 kit and new MFT lenses on Tuesday (August 31)

UPDATED: I have no doubts anymore. The new Olympus E-5 will be announced on September 14. It has 12Megapixel, two more than the “older” E-3. It has the new TruePic 5 engine for better detail, 720p hd video at 30p, 11 pt af, 920k dot res lcd, 3 inches, art filters and a mic jack.

Tomorrow (August 31) a special Olympus E-P2 kit will be announced + two new MicroFourThirds lenses!

Expect me to post some specs as soon as I get some confirmations from other sources. Stay tuned!!!

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August 29, 2010
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No surprise: Panasonic confirms that they will no more make a DSLR

In an article on CNET Asia “Panasonic aims to up camera market share in Asia” Panasonic confirmed that they have “no immediate plans to release a new dSLR“.

CNET and Panasonic discussed about the goals from Panasonic:

At present, its share of the digital still camera pie in Asia is 10 percent and the share target for 2010 is 15%. The US share is quite low for Panasonic, while Germany is a potential country. We would like to expand our businesses in those countries

August 28, 2010
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UPDATED 2-> Hot US deals: GH1 for $999 and GF1 for $649

Double Hot deal on Amazon US (and again no deals for we european). Hurry because those deals will not last!

UPDATE: J&R is selling GF1+20mm lens for $649 (click here!)

1) UPDATE: The following deal is gone: Panasonic DMC-GH1 with 14-140mm lens for $999 (Click here!!!)

2) UPDATE: The following deal is gone: Panasonic GF1with 20mm f/1.7 Aspherical Lens for $649 (click here!!!)

3) Panasonic GF1 with 14-45mm Lens for $689 (Click here)

4) Panasonic 7-14mm f/4.0 for $984 (Click here)

August 27, 2010
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(FT4) More about the Olympus E-5

As you remember I received two different camera specs about a FourThirds camera. Both specifications came from “old” good sources. I had the chance to talk again with those sources and they helped me to figure out what’s going on.

The first source that claimed to have seen and tested the E-5 with the 12 Megapixel sensor is sure that this was the final camera. The second source saw a prototype called E-P3 which has the new 15 Megapixel Panasonic camera. After long discussion we “agreed” that the first source is very likely to have seen the final E-5! “Source two” saw a prototype of a future FourThirds camera that could be announced in 2011. I thank both sources for beeing so kind to answer my questions!

I repeat, that is what the first source saw:
“”Oh, will like to let you know that I have seen the new Olympus pro dSLR, the E-5, already. It’s a solid, wicked piece of camera that’s weather sealed just like the Olympus E-3. And, it will be announced prior to Photokina. I don’t have other specs on it, except i have tried it and the focusing is really fast. It still uses a 4/3 lens mount. From what i know, it will support HD video recording as well. The top control panel remains largely the same, and it will also have a flip and swivel screen like the E-3. Oh, the sensor resolution is still 12 megapixels, and it will compete against the 7D. Not sure if the megapixels will play a major role here as well. But olympus is hoping that it’s Zuiko lens can outdo Nikon and Canon. Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.“”

It’s still not a solid rumor but I guess there is a 60% chance that this is the real E-5 camera. If you can help me to get closer to the 99% feel free to share your knowledge using the anonymous form on the right sidebar. Don’t be shy ;)
Meanwhile I have also received some rumors from new sources. They talk about some kind of special features regarding the sensor. I am checking those rumors with my sources before to post them on 43rumors.

P.S.: The second FourThirds prototype camera rumor is available here:

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