July 19, 2010
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Panasonic removes the leaked camera pages.


As noticed by noisycamera Panasonic has removed the pages with the leaked images. But don’t worry, on July 21 the pages will be back online ;)

Reminder the leaked cameras are the LX5, FZ100, FZ45, FX700 e FT10 (and also the FZ40?).

No MicroFourThirds camera will be announced now…but that’s only a matter of weeks now!

July 18, 2010
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(FT4) Four new Olympus MicroFourThirds lenses at Photokina (2 zooms and 2 primes)

(Olympus M43 lens roadmap from November 2009) Click on picture to enlarge.

Now that the LX5 has been leaked we have to go back to our usual 43 and M43 rumors :)

We are trying to filter the rumors we do receive and day by day we feel that we are getting closer to the final correct lens and camera roadmap. We learned that Olympus will announce a minimum of four new MicrFourThirds lenses at Photokina. We have been told that there should be two new primes and two new zooms. One of our source told us the 50mm and the 70-300mm would come at Photokina (but we still have to confirm the rumor with a second source). The Olympus roadmap itself shows also the 12mm(?) wide angle lens and the 8mm(?) fisheye (Panasonic just announced the 8mm f/3.5 ED Fisheye Lens)

Reminder: We are almost certain that Panasonic is working on very fast new primes (faster than f/1.4). The first prime is expected to be on market by end 2010 early 2011.

July 18, 2010
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Panasonic 3D cam spotted

Few days ago we told you that Panasonic would launch the new 3D camcorder…and here it is: https://panasonic.ca/english/broadcast/broadcast/3d/3dcamera/3d_en.html. I know that this news doesn’t match with our usual MicroFourThirds stuff but I guess that soon we will also see 3D photocameras from Panasonic!

July 17, 2010
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POLL: Do you like the new LX5? White or Black?

Finally we found the specs and images of the new Panasonic LX5 (yeah!) We still don’t know anything about the improvements on the sensor and imaging processor. I like the extended zoom range, the new AVCHD lite recording and the new grip. Now my question to you:

Do you think Micro Four Thirds will be THE mirrorless system for the next years?

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P.S.: A special thanks goes to Nick that found the leak (applause!!!)

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