December 14, 2010
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Panasonic GH2 vs Canon (+3D during video mode possible if you cover the electronics contacts)

Share made this Lumix GH2 vs Canon 5DmarkII vs Canon T2i comparison.

Digitalrev posted the first part of their Panasonic Lumix GH2 vs Canon EOS 60D Review. It has been written by Andrew reid from EosHD: “Having already covered the video side of these cool new DSLRs on, I’m approaching this review from the stills side. “…”In video mode, quality is excellent, easily beating the Canon 60D. But in stills mode although it’s a good improvement over previous Lumix G cameras like the GH1 and GF1 it cannot match the Canon 60D“. P.S.: Imaging Resource published a set of image samples.

But Andrew discovered a nice trick to enable video recording with the new 3D lens (which by te way is in Stock at BHphoto right now)! “Now, it seems by simply covering the electronic contacts of the Lumix 3D lens with paper you can shoot with it in video mode, not just stills.” Read mroe about that on EosHD (Hey Andrew you should find a new name for your website!).

For our US friends: Panasonic store has a bunch of Body Only GH2 in Stock! A few more cameras are in Stock at eBay! And an expensive silver GH2 is in Stock at Amazon :(

December 14, 2010
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HURRY! Panasonic GH2 in Stock at BHphoto!!!

Good news folks for our US readers! The long wait is over and BHphoto has the Silver Panasonic GH2 with 14-42mm Lens in Stock (Click here to get it!)!
Also Amazon has the silver GH2 kit in Stock (via third party resellers) but they charge you $200 extra :(
You have to pay the same “extra” on the GH2 +14-140mm lens which is in Stock for $1799 at Amazon (Click here).

The 100-300mm lens is in Stock at Amazon.
The 3D lens is in Stock at Bhphoto.

December 14, 2010
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New Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 review at Lenstip.

There is a new Voigtländer Nokton review written by Lenstip (Click here to read it). It’s a very detailed and accurate test (Good job!): “If you ever held any of Voigtlander lenses in your hand, you won’t be disappointed by the Nokton 0.95/25. Its build quality is really beyond reproach – we deal here with metal and glass, nothing more.”

At f/0.95 resolution is very low, it has high coma and vignetting(-2.08 EV). The good news is that “the image doesn’t feature any out-of-focus colour cast which means the longitudinal aberration is corrected splendidly” and there is a negligible level of chromatic aberration. Stopped down the lens performance is very high (from f/1.4 upwards) with sensational image quality in the frame centre.

The real problem of that lens is that it is sold out! There is only one single lens in auction on eBay (via german reseller). Camerquest announced that they have no camera left. And my second request goes directly to Voigtländer. Please make more MFT lenses like the 35mm and 40mm fast pancakes :)

December 13, 2010
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Fuji X100 news and poll

There are a few new info about the Fuji X100. Why do we care about Fuji? Many 43rumors reader demonstrated their interest for that camera. That’s why I am going to aks you what kind of aspect/feature you would love to see to be “copied” by Olympus/Panasonic. But first the news (via Fuji):

– The X100 offers three focusing options, selected by a switch on the left hand side of the body.
– The X100 has a dedicated RAW button
– In standard form, the planned ISO range is from 200 to 6400, but this can be expanded to include 100 and 12800.
– Autofocus points will be visible in the viewfinder. The autofocus points are also user-selectable, making it easier for photographers to focus on off-centre subjects without having to resort to the focus lock facility.
– HD video output is 1280 x 720 pixels at 24 frames per second with stereo sound recording. Aperture Priority AE can be used whilst shooting movies.
– The camera retain its existing settings when it’s turned off
– You can turn the LCD off.
– The shutter lag is 0.01 sec
– PROVIA, Velvia, ASTIA and mono chrome pictures will be able to be achieved with filter effects.
– It is not wheater sealed and has no built-in or in lens stabilization.
– There is an switchable integral ND filter.
– Price is still to be confirmed.

And here the poll. Let Panasonic and Olympus know what you like from the X100

What do you like form the Fuji X100? (maximum 3 votes)

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Links: Official Fuji X100 presentation page / Fuji X100 at Amazon

December 13, 2010
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Panasonic GH2 in Stock at Amazon (but pay attention!). 3D lens at Bhphoto

There has been a small price drop on the new Panasonic 100-300mm lens which is now in Stock for $591 at Amazon (Click here).

The new Panasonic 3D lens is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).

“The Price Pros” is selling the Panasonic GH2 though Amazon (click here). But there is a warning for US customers that wants to buy the GH2 at “The Price Pros“: “I ordered a GH2 from amazon after seeing your post on December 9th. The camera was being sold through a amazon partner store called “The Price Pros”. The Price Pros sent a confirmation email and charged my credit card, but then can cancelled the order late last night saying it was “damaged in shipping”. However, after speaking with them on the phone, they clearly never had the GH2 to begin with. I asked them what happened to the other GH2 they sold and they said that that was also damaged in shipping.
I’m sending you this email so that if the GH2 shows up on amazon again and it’s being sold by The Price Pros you might want to add a buyer beware disclaimer or maybe not report on it what so ever. I should be getting refunded for my order, but the bad part is, after I got the order confirmation from The Price Pros, I cancelled my pre-order for the GH2 from Amazon which I placed weeks ago.  Just want to help other 4/3 users and 43rumors readers so that they are not scammed like I was.

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