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June 24, 2010
Posted in news

More patched GH1 and GF1 video samples (and GH1 vs 5DmarkII shootout)


EOSHD Shootout Part 1 – 5D versus GH1 in Low Light from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

A mix of High bit rate indoor 1080p and 720p videos from a Hacked GF1. Lens used were the Sigma 30mm F1.4, Canon 55mm F1.2, and the 20mm F1.7 Pancake.

With Ptool 3.37d I have now settled on the following settings.
MJPEG 1080p(1920×1080) no 4:2:2
240 200 180 160 133 146 150 155
AVC-HD 720p settings
Bit Rate FHD-SHD Overall Limiting Height Length
50 60 80 50 50

Hacked Panasonic GF1 1080p Video of the Moon from mpgxsvcd on Vimeo.

With the firmware hack and a $30 400mm lens I was able to shoot the moon. The video isn’t as sharp as the stills but I think they both look pretty good.

June 24, 2010
Posted in reviews

The new Olympus 14-150mm gets tested by dpreview

DPreview tested the lens and it performed very well (if you consider the very wide zoom range). Like other Olympus MicroFourThirds lenses it suffers from average Chromatic Aberration which in any case is easy to correct in post-production. I bet Olympus is working to add CA correction via firmware update.

Read the review:
Reminder: Also SLRgear reviewed the lens 10 days ago!

You can preorder the lens at Amazon / Adorama / BH

June 24, 2010
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Mirrorless cameras share in Japan up to 30%!

In violet the ammount of mirrorless cameras sold and in blue the market share (May 31- June 6). Source: BCNranking (google english translation)

Sony NEX camera are now in Stock almost everywhere (like Amazon, BHphoto, Ritz) and they are pushing the mirrorless segment up to 29.9% (of the japanese market share)! The Sony NEX cameras do profit from the momentum (3 camera made it into the top-10 of the most sold DSLR cameras in japan) but also the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'AT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'DE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'BE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'AU')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'FR' OR $loc == 'FX')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'NL')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'CA')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'US')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($loc == 'JA' OR $loc == 'JP')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Panasonic GF1 if ($sel != '1')
{?>Panasonic GF1 and the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'AT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'DE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'BE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'AU')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'FR' OR $loc == 'FX')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'NL')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'CA')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($loc == 'US')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Olympus E-PL1 if ($sel != '1')
{?>Olympus E-PL1 are selling very well!

That’s why Nikon just said “Micro Four Thirds: You are going to make us run!” (Source: Valentin Sama)

Expect some revolutions at Photokina! I will be there…and you?

June 23, 2010
Posted in news

CameraKompare, a new iPhone app for you!

J.D. just created a new awesome APP for your iPhone:

Thanks for such an awesome site. I’m a longtime fan and have been an Olympus fan for what seems forever… I started w/E-1 and never looked back, now the E-P1 always has a place in my backpack :-).

Yesterday my iPhone app called “CameraKompare” was approved by Apple:

The purpose of the app is to have complete specs for almost every digital camera (1400+), and to let you compare any two cameras that you want to. It can also automatically find similar cameras (based on format, size, zoom, etc.) The app has free lifetime updates and I’ll be keeping it fresh as new cameras are release. Currently it has an introductory price of $0.99 USD

And since I am a big EVIL fan, I made sure that the app has every EVIL camera that I know of:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1
Sony Alpha NEX-5
Sony Alpha NEX-3
Samsung NX10
Olympus PEN E-PL1
Olympus PEN E-P2
Olympus PEN E-P1
Ricoh GXR S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC
Ricoh GXR A12 50mm F2.5 Macro

If you think your other readers would find the app useful, I would really appreciate it if you posted about it sometime.

Please keep up the great work and thanks so much for everything!

Reminder: Also the getolympus APP is available on iTunes!

June 23, 2010
Posted in Rumors

(FT4) Olympus-Kodak sensor partnership?

Rumors about a Olympus and Kodak partnership are floating around the web since a long time. Finally we from 43rumors know something more! According to our sources Olympus will indeed use Kodak sensor in some of their future camera models. We don’t know if at Photokina we will see a Kodak-“powered” Olympus camera, but we are almost certain that it will happen in 2011. The new FourThirds Kodak sensor is a completely new sensor not seen in any camera before. It’s specially designed for the Olympus cameras (Kodak did a special design for the Leica M9 also). Unlike other Kodak sensors which usually are CCD’s the sensor for Olympus should be a CMOS sensor. We should expect a slightly increase of Megapixels compared to the current Panasonic $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'AT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'DE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'BE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'AU')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'FR' OR $loc == 'FX')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'NL')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'CA')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'JA' OR $loc == 'JP')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($loc == 'US')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>MicroFourThirds if ($sel != '1')
{?>MicroFourThirds sensor (14-16MPX). Some other infos we received also said that Olympus is testing Fuji SuperCCD and Sigma Foveon sensors. We don’t know yet if they will be ever come to market.

Just my two cent, how cool would it be if with the new modular camera we can switch between Panasonic and Kodak sensors? Awesome idea!

How do you find the image quality of the new Fuji X100?

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