E-M5 with 14-42mm lens and Kingston SD card for $900.


Not only in Europe but also in US you can find some new great E-M5 deals. Peter (Thanks!) sent me the link to an E-M5 with 14-42mm lens and free SD card for $900 on eBay US (Click here).

More US deals:
Panasonic 12-35mm X lens for $985 via Panacam on Amazon (Click here).
Panasonic G5 with kit lens for $498 at Amazon (Click here).
Panasonic GX1 with X kit lens for $499 at Amazon (Click here). And in Black on eBay (Click here).
Panasonic GF5 with X kit lens for $399 at Amazon (Click here).


Patent: Is that the ultimative Olympus FT and MFT hybrid solution?


It’s no secret that Olympus is seeking a way to merge their two Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds system in one. And the United States Patent US8390727 filed back in June 2010 by Olympus may show us how they intend to achieve that goal. Basically the optical viewfinder part showed on Figure Number 1 (see image on top) includes the Prisma and Mirror. It can be attached and detached from the original Mirrorless body shown on Figure 2.

Combined the camera looks like that:

Of course, patents are no proof that this may become real. But it shows that Olympus is seeking for a solution and I cant wait until they will announce their new High End Camera by end of this year. Will they finally solve that tricky situation?


200 Euro price drop on the E-M5 in Germany. Still some time to go to see the new OMD.


I guess these are now the new official prices in Germany:
The body only is priced at 907 Euro at Technikdirekt (Click here).
The Body + 12-50mm lens is priced at 1,100 Euro at Technikdirekt (Click here).

And in France you can even get it cheaper(!) at Amazon France (Click here). All that doesn’t absolutely mean that there is a replacement coming soon. The E-m5 was announced 14 months ago and it’s normal to see some price drop now. You will have to wait til end 2013 to see the new OMD camera in Stock :)


The Camera quality ranking from Stiftung Warentest (Germany). In Stock at Amazon on Sunday.


That is the ranking of the sever testers form the German “Stiftung Warentest“. As you see the Panasonic Gh3 ranked as current best DSLR+Mirrorless System Camera. Also the compact cameras from Panasonic and Olympus are on top of the list. Quite an astonishing result! That said there is no such thing as a perfect ranking and testing. It all depends from what you need :)

P.S.: In Germany a lower score = better quality.

And finally we have some clue when the GH3 will ship at Amazon US (Click here). On Sunday March 31!


Poll: The mysterious new “camera type” from Panasonic…


On April 9th Panasonic will announce the new GF and G camera. And by end of the month there will be a second camera announcement for what I have been told is a “new kind of camera“. This is quite a top secret project and for now I can only speculate what it could be:

1) New GX with integrated EVF: Plenty of Panasonic patents described such a camera having built-in and tilting viewfinder. The current GX camera is super discounted ($499 with X lens) and is certainly due for a replacement. And having a built-in EVF would further differentiate it from the GF series.d

2) New high end compact camera with fixed lens: Panasonic showed some interest in fixed lens compact cameras with larger sensor like the 1inch Sony RX100.

3) New High End GH: A new GH camera with superb video quality for professionals and with the new Panasonic sensor tech with high dynamic range and over 1 stop noise improvement.

4) New Full Frame Mirrorless line: The Canon 6D and the Nikon D600. proved to us that FF sensor cameras are getting closer to the $1,500 price tag. And it will be hard for any MFT or APS-C high end cameras to compete against them. I got no rumor about Panasonic launching a FF Mirrorless but it may would make sense for them to do it. Also because Canon recently stated that they will further push the low end FF camera development.

5) New Sports camera line: Like the current GoPro Hero series. An unknown source told me that this is one of the areas Panasonic want to play a role in the future.

I repeat, we don’t know yet what it is coming by End of April. And as usual expectations should be kept low. That said Panasonic stated many times now that they want to get into the “high end” market. So let’s see if they are going to surprise us!


What is the camera you hope to see announced by end of April?

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