Olympus strategy announcement soon: Less DSLR and more Mirrorless.


The Japanese news site Sponichi Annex (translation here) just published story about Olympus:

They report that Olympus will soon announce a new strategy for the digital camera business. And in short they will heavily reduce their investments in DSLR and compact camera development and focus their efforts on Mirrorless products. The exact word used by the Japanese news site is “reduce” investments. How far Olympus will “reduce” the DSLR business has yet to be seen. Olympus also had to lower the earnings forecast. The overall camera sales were down 28% in one year.

It’s really nothing earthshaking. The DSLR lineup have not see a new Four Thirds lens for years now. The only new camera we had in two years was the E-5. And the compact camera market is something shrinking for all camera makers. It will be interesting to see the Olympus report in Spring where they will disclose their general strategy and we may will learn more about the Olympus-Sony development.

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Panasonic: Focus now on pro market. Redefining G series. Olympus rules out hybrid OVF/EVF.


Image courtesy: DSLRmagazine

Last week Panasonic Mangers Michiharu Uematsu and Yoshiyuki Inoue have been interviewed by the DPreview team and they admitted that they are rethinking the whole G product strategy. Today DSLRmagazine (translation here) also posted an interview with Mr. Uematsu and another part with Mr. Terada from Olympus. Here are the key info:

– When asked if the new Kodak-JK Imaging MFT camera couldn’t bee lower the image of the Micro Four Thirds system (because of the Chinese manufacturer) the answer was “no”. Kodak has a big name.
– The GH3 is a clearly positioned product while the rest of the G MFT series isn’t. There is a huge competition and there is no clear target about what kind of features and specs the future G cameras should have.
– Different countries also like different cameras. So it’s hard to develop and make a universal G camera.
– Uematsu believes that there will be a considerable group of DSLR owners that will switch on High End Mirrorless cameras. 43rumros note: It clearly sounds once again that Panasonic wants to play a role in the (semi-)pro digital camera world.
– The good news is that Panasonic lens sales are good and particularly the two constant zooms are welling well.
– A Tilt Shift lens has very low priority for Olympus.
– It is highly Unlikelye that a Optical Viewfinder with a Digital Trans Panel like the one used by the Fuji X20 is going to be used by Olympus.

One more thing: Terada also explained that the ideal time for product launch is Spring and Autumn. That’s why there were no new MFT camera announced for the CP+ show. So let’s wait for spring and the new PEN with built-in EVF :)
And…what are your thoughts on those news coming from Panasonic and Olympus?


Sundance film “Upstream Color” shot on GH2.


That you don’t have to own the latest and most expensive stuff to create an exceptional work should now be obvious for everyone. I use my Olympus E-P1 on daily basis and plenty of filmmakers still do some amazing shots on the now very cheap Panasonic GH2. Nofilmschool (Click here) spotted a couple of new movies entirely shot on the GH2. The one I embedded here on top of this post is the trailer of “Upstream Color” that has been shown at the Sundance film festival.

Great work! And do you still want the GH3? :)

GH2 vs GH3 price comparison:
GH2 at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay GH3 at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBayP


Super GX1 deals back. And more G5, LX7 and GH2 price drops.


Panasonic US is again offering some amazing deals:

The super GX1 deal is now back! You can grab the GX1 with 14-42mm kit lens for $331 at J&R (Click here). You have to add the coupon code: “ATJANDR“to get that price! You can also get it for $10 more at Amazon (Click here).
While I am not sure if the GX1 replacement is coming soon I am sure there will be a new G camera. But there is a nice deal on the current camera that may tempt you to not way for the newer model. The G with 14-42mm kti lens is now in Stock for $498 at Amazon (Click here). And you save $300 on the double lens kit at Amazon (Click here).
For $280 less than the price of the GH3 body only you can now grab the GH2 with 14-140mm lens at Amazon (Click here) and J&R (Click here). For $581 you can get the GH2 with 14-42mm lens at J&R (Click here).
It now sells for $349 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

The last three months Panasonic did launch plenty of deals and they always achieve to get on top of the Amazon rankings (Click here) when this happens. Question is…do they actually do some profit on it or is the financial situation forcing them to cash now?


(FT2) Panasonic GX2 specs.


A GX2 Mockup design made by 43rumors reader Mike (Thanks!).

The GX1 got a huge discount yesterday (reminder, $341 for the kit at Amazon) and Is till didn’t get FT5 rumors yet about the possible GX2. All I got is some bits from anonymous source. SO please take it as usual with a grain of salt as these kind of rumors sometimes are correct and sometimes not. But in the meantime let’s see what the GX2 may could be:

– 16MP sensor (same as GH3)
– non-weather sealed magnesium alloy body
– Same AFs peed as GH3.
– Price around $800.
– On market in April

The source also wrote about a new “1,744 OLED EVF” but he omitted to tell me if that viewfinder is integrated or just a new external attachable EVF. You may tell me more about this?

P.S.: Sources that may want to share what they know about the camera can send me an anonymous message using the contact form on the very right of their website or by sending me an email at 43rumors@gmail.com. Thanks!

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