Olympus tweets us!



Sometimes things can be surprising. Yesterday we wrote the “It’s all quiet on this front…” post. And we predicted that something will happen soon. But we havn’t expected that soon! Olympus marketing is learning and came out with first signal using a new social communication form….twitter!
1001noisycamera discovered this tweet post.

In short the message from Florian (getolympus) is “What Olympus plans is pure speculation at this time, but it’s common knowledge that we & Panasonic jointly created Micro Four Thirds….Some good things are worth waiting for, like the Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera….”

Florian posted a link to gizmodo.com

We repeat, ous sources are really excited over that micro four thirds camera. I can say you the same sources were not so happy with the Olympus E-450 release.


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