Olympus Teases a new announcement…


The message you see here on top has been posted by GetOlympus on Facebook. As I told you yesterday we should expect at least a new 75-300mm II MFT lens and a new XZ-10 compact camera. This doesn’t sounds really…”big”.  I also know that a new MFT camera and a new f/2.8 fast zoom are scheduled to be in store in Spring but I am expecting it to be announced in 1-2 months.

Question now is: that “Big announcements” are just marketing blabla or are they going to surprise us with the MFT camera announcement? I wouldn’t hope too much for now but I would be happy to be proved wrong :)

P.S.: And if you visits GetOlympus Facebook site you may find the time to join our facebook 43rumors group too! :)

Thanks Leo for finding this!


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