Olympus still committed to Four Thirds DSLRs (dpreview press release)


Surprise surprise!!!

John Knaur (Olympus US) told dpreview.com: “We still plan to develop full size DSLRs and both, side-by-side.
And an official statement from Olympus Japan says “In the future, you will continue to see new cameras based on both standards.

Both statements are a response to the following sentence made few days ago by Richard S. Pelkowski (Olympus US) “The Olympus E system of Four Thirds cameras is likely to be completely mirrorless in two years time, according to Olympus America’s DSLR product manager.” (source Amateur Photographer)

Just my personal toughts:

The only way Olympus can convince me that FourThirds is still alive is to release new FourThirds cameras and FourThirds lenses! So…Hurry Up! :)


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