Olympus is the leader on the Japanese mirrorless market.


BCN Inc., has released the ranking and market share of the top three companies “BCN AWARD 2013″ annual sales. Here are the winners of the digital video and camera market:

Digital camera (integrated lens)
Canon 17.6
Sony Corporation 16.5
Nikon Corporation 14.1
Digital camera (SLR)
Canon 52.7
Nikon Corporation 35.1
Sony Corporation 7.1
Digital camera (SLR mirror-less)
Olympus 29.8
Panasonic 23.3
Sony Corporation 20.1
Digital video camera
Sony Corporation 40.2
Panasonic 24.8
JVC Kenwood 18.2

These are the market shares based on the camera sales number of 2012. There is no such report available in any EU or US market :(

Amazon ranking (just ro see what’s hot in EU and US):
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