Olympus E-M5 earns Gold Award by Whatdigitalcamera (new 12-50mm firmware update)


I am learning dutch and I casually found that E-M5 video on youtube. Didn’t know that Olympus invited a fake Angelina Jolie for the E-M5 press release event. You can see her at the end of the video :)

Phil Hall from Whatdigitalcamera (Click here) reviewed the new Olympus E-M5. The camera earns a Gold Award. They like almost everything of the E-M5: “The AF is a noticeable improvement over the PEN series, while the new image stabilisation system works a treat.” and “The OM-D E-M5 performs very well at the lower end of the ISO range, delivering clean and detailed images. Increasing the resolution over the E-P3 could lead some to assume that with more photosites taking up the same sensor area, image noise could be more pronounced, but the OM-D performs very well.

Their only critic is that “it’s a shame to see no ISO 100 on offer”.

More news: Finally you can preorder the E-M5 at Amazon Germany (Click here) for the normal non cheater price :) There is a new firmware update for the 12-50mm kit lens (Source: Olympus Japan). It improves the IS in macro mode and adds zoom support when used on Panasonic cameras. DC.watch (Click here) posted some info about the Epson EVF used by the E-M5.

USA: Amazon, Adorama and B&H.
Europe: Jessops, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.
Asia: Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

USA: E-M5 on position 7/12/14/15 (Click here)
UK: Silver E-M5 on position 20 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 6 and 8 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 4/11/14 (Click here).


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