Proven Panasonic/Olympus stuff sells well (and Sandisk 70% off). And a GX1 Gordon Laing story…


Photokina gave us two new PEN cameras and soon we will have a new GX camera too. But guess what cameras are selling most..the older generation MFT stuff! The GF3, GX1 and E-PL1 are the most sold mirrorless cameras at Amazon (watch the ranking). All these cameras are massively discounted and as you see also the cheap Panasonic lenses are selling well. UPDATE: Sandisk SD gold box deal with up to 70% discount (Click here).

The GF3, GX1 and E-PL1 are all cameras good enough for 99,9% of all pictures you will ever do in your life. But there is still some people on earth that believes that mirrorless cameras aren’t “professional” enough. Just read the story were photographer Gordon Laing had no permit to enter Antelope Canyon park because the Panasonic GX1 lacks of a mirror!


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