Noktor versus Olympus 12mm video comparison by Seb Farges (and review by ThePhoBlographer)


Seb Farges compared the two Olympus and Noktor 12mm lenses on a GH2. Seb writes: “The Olympus seems to be sharper, but the Noktor has a more strong “cinematic” feeling. The Noktor seems to be a little more wider than the Olympus.” I think the real highlight of the Noktor is the macro function, this is really something you don’t see often on a wide angle lens. I have been also told that Philip Bloom helped the SLRmagic company to design that lens.

And ThePhoBlographer (Click here) posted the full Noktor 12mm review: “This new lens is extremely good. It’s sharp wide open, exhibits minimal distortion, vignetting very slightly, and has an excellent construction. If anything, my only major complaints are that it may be a bit too heavy for some users and that the focusing and aperture rings turn in separate directions.“.

One more news: SLRmagic is looking for 30 volunteers who can help them by creating video footage and image samples. SLRmagic will offer them a slight discount before the official release in November/December. Contact them at

The new Noktor is not available for preorder yet. It will start shipment in late November. The other Noktor lens, the 50mm f/0.95 is in Stock on eBay (Click here) and on the Noktor website. As you know the Noktor project is now owned by SLRmagic.

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