Next Stock of Nokton 25mm lenses in late April only


Camerquest (Click here) is keeping us up to date with the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 availability: “March 6th Update: The February shipment is indeed SOLD OUT. The NEXT PRODUCTION RUN is estimated in late April 2011.

At least you find a few of them on eBay (Click here). There are now more ongoing auctions than it was a few weeks ago.

One of our sources told us that Cosina doesn’t have any plan to increase the production of that lens. They do not have the capability to do that. So you can expect shortages for the whole year :(

P.S:: For our polish and European readers: and do list the Nokton as in Stock! Somewhat crazy if you think  that the rest of Europe doesn’t have it in Stock :)


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