Surprise: The NEX-5R and E-M5 have the same Dynamic Range!


How much difference in dynamic range do we have between the Sony 16 Megapixel sensor of the new NEX-5R and the 16 Megapixel Sony sensor of the Olympus E-M5? That question has just been answered by DxOmark (Click here). And it’s quite a surprise to see that both cameras have exact the same dynamic range! The only real difference is that the E_m5 has no ISO 100 and that’s why the NEX-5R has a better overalls core. But from ISO 200 up to ISO 12800 both cameras are delivering the same performance. The question now is, why can’t we have ISO 100 on the E-M5 too?

UPDATE: Some people still think that I made up the story of the E-M5 having a Sony sensor. Guys, Hiroyuki Sasa CEO of Olympus said it!!! Here is the source:

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