News: GH3 firmware coming soon. And Olympus manager facing five years in prison.


The new improvements list expected with the GH3 firmware update

Let me catch up with two news:

1) Very very very soon Panasonic will announce the new GH3 firmware update. I am curious to see if focus peaking will be one of the new features!

2) ThePhoBlographer reports that “Olympus’s former head, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, is facing five years in prison due to manipulating account balances and we should expect a final hearing within a couple of weeks. He has already pleaded guilty to the crimes. Kikukawa won’t be alone in prison though–other managers also pleaded guilty but they won’t be getting as harsh a sentence.” P.S.: Woodford is now selling his book about the Olympus scandal on Amazon (Click here).


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