New Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 reviews (And price drop of 160 Euro on that lens)


The new Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 is a marvellous lens but you usually have to pay 1.299 Euro for it. But I just found a super deal at Le Petit Boutique on eBay France (Click here). They sell it for 1.1139 Euro save $160 on the lens!!! They have eight lenses in Stock and shipping to Europe only! Another french store sells it worldwide for just 10 Euro more again on eBay France (Click here).

A full list of all stores selling the lens can be seen here on eBay.

The video on top has been shot by Seb Farges. He writes about the lens: “The lens is great and I’m very impressed with this first hands on. It’s bigger and louder than it’s brother the 25mm f/0.95. On the first clip you will see them both (shot with SLR Magic 12mm), then clip number two is taken with the 25mm and clip number three (and all the others) is shot with the 17.5mm, so you can see the difference of the field coverage.
This lens has very smooth aperture ring, especially when you switch it on the “no clic” position. The focus ring is quite smooth, like the 25mm. The minimum focus distance is very very short, you can shoot quite in front of the glass ! I will do more test to compare with the 25mm and the SLR Magic Cine lens 50mm later.”

P.S.: Full review at DCFever.


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