New Micro Four Thirds reviews (Including New York Times test of the E-P3)


Mike Kobal is having fun with his new toys (Click here to read his E-P3 and 12mm lens article).

Olympus E-P3

The New York Times (Click here) wrote about the new Olympus E-P3: “micro-S.L.R.’s use the same slow focusing system as pocket cameras (the ones that miss so many split-second opportunities). So saying that the EP-3 focuses faster than professional cameras would be like saying that Ford’s newest pickup truck gets better mileage than the Toyota Prius. You can turn this camera on, focus and snap in under a second. The blackout time between photos has been cut in half. And when capturing its gorgeous hi-def 1080p video, the camera refocuses smoothly, quickly and silently as you zoom and pan, exactly like a camcorder. That’s extremely rare in still cameras.
Steve Huff (Click here) posted his final E-P3 review: “The E-P3 is a camera like no other though. When I shoot with any PEN camera I have FUN. The camera inspires me to take it with me at all times. Its small, sleek, thin and light. The out of camera JPEGS are very good and many times I shoot it just with the B&W art filter as I really love the look it gives. But the big question is IMAGE QUALITY! How does the E-P3 compare to the other cameras? Well, in all reality it is up there and close but you will still get better overall image quality from the X100, X1, and Ricoh GXR.
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Panasonic GF3

Digitalcamerareview tested the Panasonic GF3 (Click here): “The GF3 is capable (with very little effort on the part of the user) of consistently and dependably delivering “pro” quality images. The GF3 successfully combines the look and P&S simplicity of a compact digicam with the larger sensor and lens interchangeability of a DSLR. To put that another way, the GF3 looks and behaves like a compact P&S digicam, but it performs like a DSLR.
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Panasonic G3

There is also a new Panasonic G3 review at (Click here).
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Mobile01 posted a triple review. They tested the GF3 (Click here to read the google english translation), the E-P3 with the 12mm lens (Click here to read) and the Leica 25mm (Click here to read).
Dirk Weber sent me this: “I’m a regular reader of your site and this time I’d like to share a personal experience. ;-) Just for fun I tried a fashion shoot with the XZ-1 a few days ago and it did a great job there. Here you’ll find pictures and a short review in German and some sort of English. If you like, just have a look at my wedding photography website – all Olympus – featuring a 3 minute clip showing work with E-Cameras and PENs. ;-)

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