New lupe alike Kenko filter & E-M5 grip/stay (+ GH3 & E-PL5 tests)


Don’t kow you guys, but I never saw a filter like this! It has been announced by Kenko-Tokina and you may check out their website to learn more about it. Looks  abit tricky, don’t knwo if I would carry one of these along my camera…

More news bits:
The US company J.B. Camera Designs made a new E-M5 grip&stay you can already buy on Amazon (Click here).
Frugalfilmmakers posted a short GH3 hands-on report. Full size GH3 image samples by Optyczne.
Mobile01 (translation here) posted the full Olympus E-PL5 review.
Sgoldswoblog posted a short body cap lens test. Bye the way, you can win that lens by participating the latest contest.

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