New low price for E-PL1, E-PL2 and GX1 for $499 (GX2 is coming by end of the year)


Rumors are getting stronger and the GX2 should arrive in November. So it’s not a surprise to see the third good GX1 deal in one month. The Black body with 14-42mm lens is now for sale at $499 at Amazon (Click here). But the leader of the Amazon ranking (here to see the list) is the E-Pl1 that sells for $259 again at Amazon. Another good price is the E-PL2 with same lens for $349.

E-Pm, E-PL and GH3 are coming at Photokina in September, the GX1 maybe two months after. Those deals may not be related to it but it’s nice that we can buy a m43 camera for a price that is very low.

P.S.: For the first time in Stock at Adorama the 12-35mm X lens.


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