New Lexar and Eye-Fi cards.


The new Eye-Fi Pro X2 card supports 802.11n Wi-Fi. The press release at Dpreview says: “he Eye-Fi Pro X2 is an 8GB SDHC card offering class 6 transfer speeds (guaranteed 6MB/s) and faster (802.11n compliant) wireless data rates. It also features an optional ‘Endless Memory’ mode in which the card will automatically delete content it has already transferred, when it fills to a user defined level.

And Dpreview also presented the new Lexar cards: “Lexar has announced upgrades to its Professional line of memory cards. The company’s Professional 300x CompactFlash card is now available in a larger 32GB capacity, while the Professional 233x CF cards are available in 32GB and 16GB capacities. In addition, the Professional 133x SDHC cards have been upgraded to Class 10 speed rating.

As usual when something new is announced the “old” stuff gets very interesting price-drops:
The old Eye-Fi 4GB card price dropped by $50!
– Click here to check the actual Lexar prices


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