New GH3 reviews! And also babies can shoot with it :)


Panasonic GH3 Review 5: Wi-fi Operation from Nick Driftwood on Vimeo.

Time to share some new GH3 test. Particularly the tests on vimeo are interesting:

Triple video test:
Moire Aliasing Lumix GH2 vs GH3 test (Vimeo).
GH3 lens test | 12-35 Kit | SLR Magic 12mm | Voigtländer 25mm (Vimeo).
ISO test | Panasonic GH3 | Canon 5d mk3 | Canon 7d (Vimeo).

Readers mail:

Martin sent me a link on Flickr (Click here). As you see the GH3 is so eays to use that even babies can shot with it! :)
Bernie:I received yesterday my new GH3 and did some tests with it. Maybe you find it interesting and find a way to share this.
GH3 presentation in Japan (via Our reader Ogawa was there and tested the GH3 and talked to the Panasonic guys. These are the info he shared:
You can “touch focus” shutter release with ios (maybe android. Too. I don’t  interest android so no talk about android). Big one is the ios remote control. Great step  forward.
Fn can be assigned from almost anything. And most of fns are symmetrically assignable from the same items list
New mf assist mode. When in mode.  You can move the window. Notfocus. Target area. Previously  assist window is fixed in center as you know
Menu is rearranged a litte for more intuitive    Focus related settings are gathered. And more.
This is almost perfect Ui and function camera. This will becomes the new standard during next few years for all camera makes.
If it had released a half years before, I would have bought ie instead of E-M5.
But its good, because of it, i knew Olympus especially its in-body IS. And I realized how pana Ui is great :-)
M. Ogawa

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