New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera tests (Sensor Blooming and White Orbs issues?).


Sanlitun, Beijing – shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and graded with Filmconvert from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

There are three different new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera tests and all three reported Sensor Blooming and White Orbs issues.

Newsshooter reports

Overall I found the results to be quite pleasing but marred by the presence of a ‘black dot’ issue from point light sources. These can be clearly seen in several frames of the video. I had encountered this before on the larger BMCC but was disappointed to see it on this camera too. Whilst this can be removed fairly easily in cinema post-production (harder if the object is moving), it makes life difficult for real world shooters on tight deadlines – who might have been hoping to use this camera for its stealth factor.

Also present are ‘white orbs’ which other early testers have reported. When the image has a bright specular highlight it is turned into a rather unpleasing white blob. This was less visible at night but still in several frames if you look for it. It was far more evident in the daytime shots from yesterday.

Also Personal View and Slashcam (German) tested the camera and found the same issue. It looks like this isn’t a Software issue…it could be Hardware :(


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