UPDATED: New 43rumors theme online (lots of bug to fix)


Sorry for inconvenience. We need to fix a lot of things on our new theme. After that we will release a detailled description of the new features. All the process will take few hours.

UPDATE: I am sooooo tired. We were three guys working to make the new installation. You don’t know it….but this is our third attempt to install the new system (three nights!). Now we are here with tons of bug we need to fix. It’s 2.19am and I am falling asleep like a completely drunk teenager. Sorry if I didn’t manage to fix everything, but I need to rest and tomorrow I will finish the job and explain you the new website.


P.S.: This is not just a new design, 43rumors now runs on a completely new software. 43rumors will become a mini-facebook were each other can share infos and pictures, and make friends.


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