More info about the three new Schneider lenses for Micro Four Thirds!


After yesterdays Olympus and Panasonic big announcement day we have to catch up with some other very good m43 news. Schneider Kreuznach posted some more info about the three new m43 lenses (Click here to download the pdf file). As I told you yesterday we will have following three lenses by end of 2013:
Super-Angulon 2,0 / 14
Xenon 1,4 / 30
Makro-Symmar 2,4 / 60

All will be priced a bit below 1.500 Euro. And these are the characteristics of the lenses:
High-refractive lenses and special lens elements
Internal focusing
Very high resolution across the entire image area, even at full starting aperture
High-quality aluminum casing, robust mechanics
 Hydrophobic coating of outer elements
 Protection against dust and splashing

Sounds good! By the way, the description contains an error. The Super Angulon should be f/2.0 and not f/2.8.



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