Message to rumors sources + example of an unconfirmed rumor


In this weeks I am receiving many rumors. If I do not post them it is only because I need to check them with other sources.
Message to our rumors sender -> Thanks, and sorry if I am waiting to post your rumors but you will agree with me that I can’t post everything I receive without a little bit of control. I also advice you to create a fake gmail account to contact me…at least I can answer you!
Contact me at (P.S.: Only I do have access to that account).

Dear readers, I expect soon to publish some of them. So stay tuned on 43rumors.
Here an example of a nice rumor I received yesterday but I didn’t post it because it is unclear if the camera is from Panasonic or Olympus or Samsung or Canon or Nikon or Sony :)

Last weekend I´ve been in Santa Ana, California to visit my cousin who is an enthousiastic professional photographer. In Portola Park we saw a japanese guy taking pictures with a very small digital cam with exchangeable lenses. It looked a little bit like the Panasonic GF1 but it was smaller, had no logo on the body and the body was covered with a tape. The guy continuously touched the display – as to change settings or the like.
After observing him for a while we went to ask him what kind of cam he was using, but when asked he smiled and seemed to be a little bit embarrassed. Then he quit the scene. Do you know anything about an EVIL with touchscreen?

Now dear readers…you can start to speculate :)


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