Kodaks new camera is not MFT!



Kodak…no wait JK Imaging (LOL) displayed that new “PixPro” camera on the P&E show in China. I say JK Imaging because the Chinese company acquired the brand rights from Kodak. And as you may remember they also announced a Micro Four Thirds camera back in January (article here).

Some websites  and some 43rumors readers speculated that this may be another interchangeable MFT camera but I think it is not. This looks more like a fixed lens camera with tiny sensor. Why do I believe this? Easy, look at the lens specs. Can you do 2cm thick  28-112mm f/1.7-2.4 lens that covers the image circle of a FT sensor? Nope :)

The camera itself takes some inspiration from the Kodak pony 135 film camera (here on eBay).


Source: Zol (via PhotoRumors).


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