Head to Head: E-P5 versus PEN-F.


The Olympus E-P5 will be the first camera with the full “Olympus Pen” definition marked on the front. It’s a clear sign from Olympus that they consider the new E-P5 the real digital PEN-F. Too bad they forgot to made the built-in viewfinder that the PEN-F has :) As you know the PEN-F has “porro prism viewfinder” that allowed them to create a very compact camera with viewfinder.

Some of you said that the built-in exclusivity of the OMD range. Just for the record: Last year  Mr. Tarada told at Onfoto (Click here) that “A built-in viewfinder is not exclusive for the OM-D line”.

P.S.: There are still plenty of PEN-F auctions on eBay (Click here).





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