GX1 in Stock at Amazon USA and UK (+ Cine Raptar lens test)


The GX1 is now starting to be in Stock in some stores. Here is a quick roundup:

The silver GX1 body is right now in Stock at Amazon US (Click here). The black GX1 with 14-42mm lens will ship within 6-10 days at Amazon US (Click here). And so the Silver kit again at Amazon (Click here).

Almost all different kits are in Stock at Amazon UK (Click here). And the silver kit at Jessops (Click here). In Spain the GX1 is in Stock at Panasonic (Click here) and in Holland at Fotohanskeuzekamp (Click here). UPDATE: GX1 Silver bodies and Black + 14-42  in stock at RoberWhite UK (Click here).

In Stock at Digitalrev (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).

DC.watch (Click here) tested the GX1 with the Cine Raptar 25mm f/1.9 lens. Nice lens which costs arounf $150 on eBay (Click here).