GH3 electronic vs mechanical shutter (M43photo). First complaints about the GH3 viewfinder…


Gh3-Playing with sharpness and ETC from Christopher Mayer on Vimeo.

Electronic shutter:
M43photo (Click here) wrote a very accurate article about the GH3 electronic shutter. It’s a must read post if you want to learn the difference between the mechanical and electronic shutter!

EVF issue?
Now that people is receiving their first batch of GH3 cameras you can also read about the first complains. 43rumors reader J.Russell sent me this email to sum up a problem with the GH3 viewfinder: “Many people are unhappy with the viewfinder and/or the flip out screen on the GH3.  My viewfinder is amazing soft and completely unusable for focusing – the menu items are sharp.  People are also complaining about a green cast in their viewfinders and/or the flip out screen.  This all seems like a firmware problem to me, but see below:
In one thread on Vimeo someone claims special knowledge and makes reference that Panasonic is changing the manufacturer of the viewfinder/panel and that the new batch of cameras will have the new parts.  Here is the thread in the comments section of this video:
Here are other discussions:!

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