Fuji X PRO 1 fails on price? And Fuji explains why they didn’t join m43.


Fuji almost did it! They almost made a super camera but there could be a problem. The price is very likely too high. $1699 for the body only? Niet! What are the other points in favour of the m43 system? The camera is also a bit to big compared to m43 cameras, video quality should be very low compared to what Panasonic cameras can deliver. The sensor looks promising but not revolutionary, no foveon alike design, no organic sensor, “only” the AA filter has been removed thanks to the new RGB pattern and with heavy postprocessing work. Not to play down the Fuji camera, it’s certainly a super nice camera, but I feel like there is a chance fro Olympus to get on par with this with the next Olympus OM alike m43 camera. While I am sure body quality and viewfinder technology of the Olympus will be on par with the Fuji X PRO 1 I don’t know if Olympus will make it right with the new sensor. Let’s cross the fingers!

The guys over at ePhotozine asked Fuji the following question: Why not join Micro Four Thirds?
Answer: “Fujifilm are a photographic company with a lot of history in Fujinon optics, using our own lens mount and sensor allows us to be in total control of the system and final image quality.

And here below you can hear a Fuji manager that at the end of the interview talks about the Olympus situation:

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