(FT5) Panasonic announcement at 6am London time! X lens with nano surface coating.


A collage made by “Aless” (Thanks!) shows the real 14-42mm X lens on the Panasonic GF1.

Tomorrow (Friday) at 6am London time Panasonic will unveil the new X lens series and two new zoom lenses. We were never that excited about upcoming zooms! I have been told the image quality of the new and very first 14-42mm X lens is impressive (much better than the actual 14-42mm kit lens). It has Nano Surface Coating, aspherical lens, inner focusing, powerzoom (with button on lens), in lens image stabilization. All this is packaged in a tiny pancake with 1.5x the length of the 20mm f/1.7 lens! The aperture of the lens is f/3.5-5.6.

A new anonymous source sent me this (take it as FT2!): “The new kit lens will be available with the GF3 in a special kit package, and Panasonic is also going to offer it with the G2 at some point. Had a try with the lens last week at the press event, the way it pops out by itself is actually pretty impressive, and I can see being really useful for slipping into your bag or just dumping the camera somewhere quickly. But it’s $250/200 Euro more than the standard kit lens – will consumers want to cough up that kind of money?” P.S.: The current Panasonic kit lens price can be checked here Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay (around 200 dollars/pounds/euro).

I have no reliable info yet about the second lens, the 45-175mm zoom. I have been told it is also small but I don’t know yet if it is an X lens or not.

More: It will be interesting to see how Panasonic will introduce the new “X” pro lineup. Will there be more “X” lenses coming this year? Will there be fast zoom “X” lenses too? Will there also be “X” cameras?

Be online tomorrow at 6am London time. As usual I will make  a useful summary of all news/reviews/interviews and so on!

Will you buy the 14-42mm X lens id image quality is on top and price is around 400-450 Euro/dollars?

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Was it a good idea from Panasonic to create the "X" marked Pro lens series?

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