(FT5) New pictures of the “premium” E-P5 (Black, Silver and White version).


There is no more secret left on the new E-P5 that is goint to be announced on Friday at 6am London time. Here are some new pictures of the three different colored models. This is the “Premium” E-P5 with super glossy grip :)

via Digicaminfo.

  • Pharque Moi

    No words…………….

    • Anonymous

      butt ugly

      • Mr. Reeee

        Slippery Grip! Yikes.

        Nice looking camera, the best looking PEN yet (!!!!), but holy shite that grip be fugly!

        • Anonytrackball

          Typical American styling of wood grain. High gloss, yuk. Wood grain should be matt coated if coated at all, a little wax or oil finish for protection is enough. Even Jaguar had to highgloss their wood grain finishes for the American market.
          It’s a complete waste of wood grain, it hides the reason for the grain in the first place.

      • Within Reason

        Beautiful and upscale looking for upscale performance. A great gift, if you are looking for a $1000 gift.

    • Bob B.

      Beaten senseless with the U.G.L.Y. STICK.. WHOA. Although the white camera
      is an improvement from the grip made from newborn baby skin…um ….Olympus..
      I like white cameras..give it a gray or black motif with the grip and I BETCHA that you sell more…
      ..at least in western countries…

  • Chris Pattison

    Tell me the grip is a joke. Please.

    • BLI

      The special Olympus Lunar grip :-)

    • J Shin

      It’s the Lunar edition! :-)

      I guess this really proves that Olympus does not read rumor sites. If they did, they would know how unpopular the look would be (although I like it on the black version). Or, it is a vicious and clever slander-fake… but by what insidious forces?

      • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

        I doubt the large number of gearheads and fanboys who mostly like to complain about but seldom ever buy cameras, are a good thing to look at for figuring out what the market desires.

        Sure there is the odd photographer here as well, but judging from the comments, those are a very tiny minority here.

        • http://www.flickr.com/photos/33496987@N08/ Ulli

          indeed, and if they would build according to the wishes, the result would be very generic, not original.

          • J Shin

            Hmmm… Here is a challenge. A camera design that incorporates all fangirl/fanboy wishes…

            It’ll need to be small to incorporate small hands but have an option for a large grip for large hands. (I’m quite sure, this is the #1 complaint around here.) Built-in hybrid OVF as well as retractable 2.4+MP EVF with 120 Hz refresh with high eye-point for glasses, but without glare. AF with all legacy lenses. GN200 retractable flash, plus hot-shoe and PC plug and RF and IR compatibility with all flash sync transceivers. Replaceable sensor from 1″ to 6×7, with killer JPEG engine and 12 fps minimum without buffer bottleneck. In-camera raw editing with XMP sidecars and/or DNG format. Orientation sensor, ambient light sensor, gyroscope. Wait, let’s make that 30 fps. Yeah. Light but weighty-feeling and self-stabilizing. Lots of buttons and dials that are never in the way; maybe some could be retractable or under a cover. Every one of them customizable to do anything, with several custom settings collections. Glare-free convertible OLED and LCD viewfinder, tiltable in all directions, but very low-profile. 5-axis IBIS that can be removed, or does not add any weight or volume. Fully programmable shutter; shutter cable thread, of course; full remote control and tethering via USB, WiFi. Firewire. 801.11ad. GPS. Non-slip surface everywhere.

            And, of course, 4k video, global shutter, uncompressed, with raw HDMI output. Heck, raw HDMI output at ALL times. 60 fps? 120 fps? True 5.1-channel microphone with noise cancellation. Built-in hood and hood-loupe. Alright: retractable, foldable 8″ non-glare monitor with touch control.

            Very intuitive flat and hierarchical menu system.

            And, most importantly of all, especially for Olympus, free lens shades. Sorry: built-in, retractable, detachable shades.

            And it must be possible to remove any one of these features at will, quickly, without taking the eye off the VF.

            Have I missed anything? 3-D, for instance?

            We have the technology, everyone!

            • http://www.43rumors.com/members/sneye/ sneye

              I would hate using such a camera, but that’s only me. I need some limitations to scratch against.

            • http://www.43rumors.com/members/jules/ jules

              Lens hood must have black option at no extra cost.

            • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

              I’d add a ‘direct to brain’ interface for preview and tethering… :-)

              And lets not forget… weather sealing, and it has to be cheap if not free.

            • Frye

              Kickstarter project?

          • true homer

            are you two kidding?? this is not just any ol complaining, THAT LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!!! and theyre gonna charge 1100$ for it too!
            out of all the things you say “fans” want, where do you think faux wood falls?

            • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

              Uh, did you actually read what you replied to? coz what you say has totally zero to do with what Ulli said.

              Oh wait, its about an Olympus product, so you have to whine no matter what.

              • true homer

                I did, its implied that fanboys are complaining for complainings sake, that they dont buy anything and have an impossible wishlist. In other words, dont complain about this camera, the wood grip is fine. And im whinning because its olympus? You like the faux shiny wood finish? Youd pay 1100$ body only for it? Who sounds more like a fanboy?

                • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

                  So.. where did I for example say I liked the ‘wooden’ grip? oh wait I didn’t say that anywhere. Did I say I’d buy it? oh wait…

                  But hey, congrats on posting a whole string of strawman arguments, now go back and actually read what you replied to, or are you too stupid for that?

                  Or maybe don’t and just go realize that you behave way more stupid then all the supposed Olympus fanboys together.. or is actually thinking about your own moronic behavior too much to ask…

        • Vlad

          Lol, the grip simply isn’t good. Of course, people will complain.

        • Vlad

          Btw, judging by the design, that is not oriented to photographers anyway.

        • http://www.flickriver.com/photos/photography-by-thomas/ TheEye

          Needs a potato shooter exhaust with chrome tip and kanji decals on the body.

    • Anonytrackball

      Woodgrain is fine but not gloss. Just ruins fine grain.

  • mino

    It’s a pity…I like it but I take no photos without integrated EVF…owfull…..I’ll wait for the next round….

  • Anonymous

    Chris…that grip is a joke.

  • djrocks

    I have been waiting, since I sold my E-P1, for olympus to make a Pen that has an integrated view finder like the one in the Fuji X100s. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t make one? The VF viewfinders look like giants on these cameras and you might as well get the OMD. My perfect camera would be this E-P5 with integrated view finder and a little more slender. Not a fan of the chunk.

    • Me

      > The VF viewfinders look like giants on these cameras and you might as well get the OMD.

      So why don’t you? It’s quite obvious that Olympus has chosen the PEN line to be EVF-less, whereas the OMD line has the EVF integrated. The E-P5 simply is a slightly improved version of the E-M5, just without the EVF. If you want an EVF, get the E-M5 or wait for it’s successor…

      I never understood why people wait for their perfect camera to appear. Buy what fits you *best* and start making photos. Waiting won’t get you anywhere.

      • djrocks

        Because I like the style and form of the Pen. I already have a small DSLR that I use and love. I’m sure this will be a great camera but just not for me. I like what Fuji is doing with the X series.

        • djrocks

          And I never said I have been waiting to take pictures. I said I have been waiting for Olympus to make a Pen with a viewfinder. I have been enjoying many cameras that fit my style. I use what ever I have.

  • dau

    ok. i think we all know what the ep-5 looks like!!

  • Adamant

    Wooden grips are the new Corinthian leather.

    • http://www.flickriver.com/photos/photography-by-thomas/ TheEye

      Too bad Ricardo Montalban isn’t available for a tacky, I mean classy, TV ad.

    • Anonytrackball

      High Gloss on wood grain. That makes good wood into lumps of very cheap plastic. But the Americans never understood that gloss is not better and that matt or simple wax or oil is far better.

  • http://alatchinphotography.com Abraham

    Ouch, that grip is horrible, but like many things I am sure there will be people who are struck by its beauty and elegance!! :)

    Aside from that. bodies look pretty sharp!

    • Anonymous

      I guess they were many gays at the R&D Style division,.

      • N

        Ummm, no. This is too ugly. Definitely design by a straight man.

        • Anonymous

          LOL! How true!

  • Anonymous

    Seems like no one has a woodie for that “look”…. :-)
    That odd meeting of two styles should definitely be an aftermarket choice…I bet that is all that it is.
    Admin gave us nothing but the photos….WUWD?????

  • jeroen

    we saw pics with ‘normal’ grips earlier didn’t we? what’s going on here?

    • Narretz

      interchangeble grips after all?

  • Svenoftibet

    that grip just makes it ugly

  • http://worldwitholympus.designbykl.com kl

    Looks sweet.

  • http://www.43rumors.com/members/miroslav/ Miroslav

    Read the article – that is a “premium” model. I hoped for a minute the grip is exchangeable…

    And yeah, the camera looks even worse with it.

  • gulliver

    difficult to find words: very nice! beautiful! amazing! lovely! gorgeous!

  • AMVR

    Admin, do you know if the grip is interchangeable and/or compatible with the previous E-P3 grips ? would be a shame to loose yet another feature

  • http://www.43rumors.com/members/sneye/ sneye

    Don’t underestimate the wooden grip. It will provide Olympus critics with ammunition for years. Now, what about the primes? Apparently we are getting black versions, so why not push it a little further and make mahogany ones as well?

    • http://www.43rumors.com/members/sneye/ sneye

      This also makes it clear to whom Olympus will try to sell the E-P5: over 50 wannabe gentlemen with a poor sense of personal style. You know, aging playboys with sideburns/mustache who wear tartan jackets and white deck shoes when on holiday. The wooden-grip white version would make an excellent retirement present. That grip is made for a personal appreciation ןinscription engraved in gold characters.

      • Ross

        You seem to know a lot about this type of person! Is this what you secretly want to be but is too shy to show it? 😉 😀

        • http://www.43rumors.com/members/sneye/ sneye

          Not really.
          BTW, I think there is a great sense of humor in that camera. They are obviously taking the piss of the people who will buy it while giving a wink to the Lunar clientele.

          • Anonytrackball

            Once upon a time wood grain was found in English and other European prestige cars. It was either finished in a matt coating or waxed, occasionally left bare. The reason was to enable the grain or Burr to be seen clearly. The Americans did not like the idea of it not being high gloss, as in the US gloss was class. So for the American market High gloss was used.
            As a result gloss is now the finish that hides good wood and makes it into a cheap plastic imitation on a world wide basis.
            Most over 60 would remember the days of fine wood. I do. Like me, many from a European background would turn up their noses at such a finish.
            Actually, I believe it may in fact be real wood. Maybe there is a chance of rescuing it with the removal of the gloss. But I won’t be buying one to find out untill the camera has a viewfinder.

  • Oly

    Nooooooooooooo… :((((( .. so all the r&d budget is spent on that fake plastic grip??? instead of trying to integrate an EVF!.

    • alexander


    • Anonytrackball

      What is fake plastic?

  • nanonymous

    A glossy grip? What a contradiction – the glossier / smoother a surface, the less grip it provides.
    This jumps out and says: stupid photographer who choose the camera for its looks. Without doubt this would be a dealbreaker for me – hope they make it a very limited version. With a gold body perhaps – the street photographers wet dream

  • http://www.nordstromproduktion.se Mr Hipsta

    Reminds me about the time (1988?) when Ford tried to make some of their cars look fancy by adding fake wood to the interior. But they were still Sierras…

  • http://www.43rumors.com/members/amalric/ amalric

    I told you that the E-Px has become the camera for Upwardly Mobile Professionists, i.e. dentists. ‘You get what you pay for’, male (or female) jewelry, exactly like the Hasselblad Lunar.

    Grip look v. slippery too, but at least you look like an actor with the thing hanging from your neck like an alarm clock.

    Mkt. people must think they are geniuses tending to the taste of Asian nouveau riches :)

    • Nsowon

      I was just thinking this styling would go down well with the nouveau riche here in China.

    • Vlad

      At least with the Lunar you can see some of the wood while you are holding it. This looks like a shelf design.

      • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

        As you already mentioned above, its ‘not meant for photographers anyway’, so it will be on a shelf or hanging around someone’s neck.. either way the grip will be prominently visible!

        • JimD

          Bart, the grip may be visible but with a gloss finish the grain will not be, it will be hidden by the reflections of the world passing by.

          • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

            That could be, but making the piece of wood bigger won’t solve that :-)

  • Anonymous

    Olympus has greedy hack marketing people, they are more focussed on special edition versions then providing what customers want.

  • Anonymous

    Olympus has greedy hack marketing people, they are more focussed on special edition versions then providing what customers want.

    • Incessant Troll

      i will laugh when olympus releases em6 with an attached body flash for 1200 body-only and no other upgrades except 3 new art filters

      • true homer

        youre probably trying to troll, but the sad sad thing is that itll most likely turn out to be true..

  • Anonymous

    I am an OM-D owner, but I think Fuji does it so much better with retro design. You really will never find such a ugly accessory with Fuji. Just like those fake carbon grips you can get with the e p3.

    I bought the OM-D for the versatility, but I am one of the few who thinks that the OM-D is a really ugly camera. Just like the e-p5. The pen-F was a masterpiece designwise, this e-p5 has nothing to do with the F. Look at composition of those fonts! So ugly. The whole camera looks so unbalanced and unnaturel…

    • http://www.43rumors.com/members/amalric/ amalric

      I don’t agree about the E-M5. Pictures don’t do justice to it. I thought that the hump had very hard edges and would get stuck in my pockets, while in daily life they are rounded, and pleasing. I can easily operate the infamous playback and Fn1 buttons,and on the whole I think it is a v. very responsive camera, a masterpiece of design in such a small form factor.

      But the E-Px is not really aimed at photogs, but at rich amateurs. It will be even more evident with the OM-D pro. I think the error is in the segmentation. As metnioned both Sony and Fuji chose a much more sensible approach, making cameras which are attractive for both categories. At Oly it seems that engineering and marketing are somehow divorced.

      • 1041

        contrary to your never ending tedious observations fortunately there are many people who have a very different opinion of you,fortunate really or no woman out in public in a short skirt would be safe from seedy, baldy middle aged men and their long lenses ( street shooting you say lol ) . For the type of shots you do the cheapest point and shoot with infinite DOF is absolutely all you need . Other than the Olympus fan club the E-M5 has the worst ergonomics of any camera I have ever owned , it’s style is also pure aestheticism aimed at exactly the group you mock as its design surely serves no purpose in fact it hinds its use as a tool.

      • 1041

        contrary to your never ending tedious observations fortunately there are many people who have a very different opinion of you,fortunate really or no woman out in public in a short skirt would be safe from seedy, baldy middle aged men and their long lenses ( street shooting you say lol ) . For the type of shots you do the cheapest point and shoot with infinite DOF is absolutely all you need . Other than the Olympus fan club the E-M5 has the worst ergonomics of any camera I have ever owned , it’s style is also pure aestheticism aimed at exactly the group you mock as its design surely serves no purpose in fact it hinds its use as a tool.

      • 1041

        contrary to your never ending tedious observations fortunately there are many people who have a very different opinion of you,fortunate really or no woman out in public in a short skirt would be safe from seedy, baldy middle aged men and their long lenses ( street shooting you say lol ) . For the type of shots you do the cheapest point and shoot with infinite DOF is absolutely all you need . Other than the Olympus fan club the E-M5 has the worst ergonomics of any camera I have ever owned , it’s style is also pure aestheticism aimed at exactly the group you mock as its design surely serves no purpose in fact it hinds its use as a tool.

        • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

          I seem to be hearing a faint echo…

          • jim stirling

            yes it was me

        • Check amalric flickr

          And see that he should learn some composition rules. Amalric, why do you take pics at unknown girls/women? Is it the thrill of voyeurism? No need to answer, it’s a rethorical question..

    • JimD

      The Pen F had a viewfinder, well mine does.

    • https://lumixchallenge.jux.com kesztió

      Sorry, but retro usually does mean ‘boutique kitsch’ in Fuji designers’ vision. I’m not a huge retro fan but Olympus cameras do look hundreds timed better.

  • CaverDave

    What a waste. Now if it was user interchangeable grips then woody grip version would be ok. Now that all the rumors are out for the E-P5 what about some rumors for the Olympus fast zoom(s) or the next OMD, or some Panasonic news like when are we going to get the 43/1.2 and the 150/2.8 lenses or the next GX camera and is it going to have an built-in evf. Lets start on the next set of rumors.

  • Fred

    The biggest whiners on this site. I bet the majority of you are also the worst photographers.

    • http://www.43rumors.com/members/amalric/ amalric

      Show your wares, lamer :)

    • Johan

      I totally agree with you, awful to see so many get so insulted by a new version of a existing model, almost as I suspect that they´ve gotten violated by P-series.. I don´t think these “photographers” are doing so well mentally..

    • Vlad

      So, you do like the design?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/33496987@N08/ Ulli

    These are probably made from the last brazilian cocobolo trees, i smell another scandal coming up.

  • George

    Slippery. Need to buy an accessory to cover it

    • http://www.43rumors.com/members/dimsal/ avds

      A few generous scratches with a rough file will save you both money and trouble.

  • Frye

    Probably an extra $500 for the Premium. But totally worth it!!

    • true homer

      Itll be 1100$ body only. Digicam posted it weeks ago, admin ignored it

  • Frye

    I’m pretty sure the addition of mahogany will improve my photography in all sorts of ineffable ways.

    • Vlad

      Idk about photography, but you will definitely be making money for Olympus when you drop the thing and need a new one.

      • Frye

        that’s cool, as a member of Olympus’ target consumer group I can sure afford it. And the broken one still find use on my shelf as a postmodern object d’art.

        • Vlad

          You should check out the E-P3 – amazing design, yet very cheap currently :)

          • Frye

            I want Pen w/ viewfinder tho. So need to go back to film. :(

            • Vlad

              Or get a Sony which, well, has its own drawbacks.

    • acfan

      You never know. It may damp shutter vibration if it is real wood…but I don’t want termits in my camera!!

  • herbe

    Very sad, very wrong philosophy !
    Planned to try the new pen for technical reasons, but now see me heading fujiwards, verry sorry.
    (Though Im proudly Owner of a 1968 Pen, a piece of art !)

  • AG

    Are the grips removable like the E-P3 ?

    If so, then there will be aftermarket grips for this kind of non-sense. Olympus should not waste time and make sure this product launches properly. That means getting it advertised through all mediums, getting it in-hands of reviewers, and getting it in-stock globally within 30 days of announcement.

    I get emails from Oly, but don’t see ads…

    • http://www.om-d.org/ bart

      Could that possibly be because this camera isn’t announced yet?

  • Observer

    First they had a “limited edition” black, next it will be a “premium” edition shiny red wooden grip… An Oly fan is born every minute to lap them up!

  • kiki

    i’m sorry, it’s really ugly.


    Cherry Wood Grip? Matte Silver/Black Camera?


    The Yakuza must like nice things.

  • Jack

    These grips make the camera look as bad as the Pentax K01. Yeah, I said it.

  • Therion

    OM-D is close to perfect for me, if they had managed to cramp in a pop up flash for emergency and traveling light.

    • Adam

      I like my E-M5 but I recognise it has shortcomings. Pop up flash? A non-issue for me. I prefer to use available light, and when I do use a flash I want more than a pop up.

      I have a couple of items on my wish list for a future E-M6 or E-M7, but by that time there’ll be some new feature I haven’t thought of that I will need :-\

  • http://www.flickriver.com/photos/photography-by-thomas/ TheEye

    “You gotta see the grip!”
    “It’s breathtaking.”

  • Anonymous

    Interesting – the grip is lit from the left whereas the camera body is lit from the right, giving the grip a unique ‘floating’ appearance. Any photographers on this forum, that can explain how this is achieved? 😉

  • http://www.43rumors.com/members/dimsal/ avds

    These would look so much more complete with golden fascias and diamond buttons!

  • Kman

    In the film days, wood grips sometimes ment “premium”. Some Bronica grips had wooden appointments. Also, Alpa still makes medium and large format cameras with wood appointments. Those were and are large cameras. The PENs are just too small for this Lind of styling. Looks weird.

    Check the Alpa website. Google it. Very cool cameras.

    • JimD

      “The PENs are just too small for this Lind of styling. Looks weird.”
      Agree, BUT. IF the wood was just lightly waxed to show the grain without the American “shiney” They might just look good and also be very functional.

  • george4908

    Just for the record, a high gloss finish on wood — I’m guessing this will be poly — can actually have a pretty high degree of grippiness (at least as long as it doesn’t get wet). Raw, unfinished wood (depending in part on the type) can be rather slippery, due to the natural oils. And getting raw wood wet would be a disaster.

    For my part, I haven’t quite decided if the wood grip is merely tacky or kind of cool. Will have to see one in person. But no, I wouldn’t want one myself.

  • Kevin Sutton

    Shows how much Olympus has lost their way as far as enthusiast cameras go. Woodgrain grip, tiny cameras with no viewfinder – any serious photographer want this rather than a replacement for the E-5?

    • Adam

      When the concern for being serious? Lighten up, smile, enjoy your photography!

      And who said that the E-P5 or any other μ4/3 camera has to replace the E-5? For some it’ll replace a previous camera, maybe even a ‘serious’ camera. For other folk it will supplement other cameras.

      So it doesn’t appeal to you – that’s okay. It just means you’re not a potential customer for this camera.

  • Adam

    Okay, first a disclaimer – I’m not in the market for a new E-P5 as I’m quite happy for now with my E-M5 and E-P3.

    However, if I were considering the E-P5, I wouldn’t let a removable grip be the deal breaker.

    Yes an integrated EVF would be nice, but I get that with the E-M5 (and its successors in the OM-D line). Every new camera will be ‘missing’ some essential feature–that is an inevitability when there this rapid technological change.

    If you don’t like it, don’t whinge (again …). Don’t complain that Olympus (or Panasonic or whoever) doesn’t read the comments on rumour sites. Just take revenge by simply not buying that camera/lens/flash/accessory.

    Of course, this comment should be disregarded because I am, as stated, not a potential customer.

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