(FT5) NEW UPDATE! Panasonic ready to launch a new Lumix camera


Panasonic japanese web site

According to 43rumors sources Panasonic will launch a new Lumix camera. We hope to have more details soon. Anyway we believe we will see a new Panasonic G1 successor.
The new camera will be unveiled before the PMA 2010 (21 – 23 February).

NEW UPDATE: The Panasonic countdown has been removed!

The ads below is from Panasonic Singapore and promotes the launch of a new website. We still don’t know if the countdown will also clash with the new camera announcement. Now we are working to get some details about it!
Source: http://www.panasonic.com.sg/lumixg/ Click register and you will see this text: “Be one of the 1st to see our new range of camera products

P.S.: I remind you that the Panasonic G1 has been discontinued!

  • alfons

    That is soon after GF1! I doupt if we will see anything special by this release…

    High hopes thou’! :) We might get a m4/3 Lumix DMC-L1!

  • Visitor

    I need LX4 !

  • aa

    “Site launching”, not “new MFT camera launching”. This two events could be not the same day… 15 days for the new Panasonic MFT site. And for the new Panasonic MFT camera?

  • adessio

    PMA happens in about 15 days, correct?

  • Boris

    PMA 2010 will be held from 21 – 23 February in the Disneyworld convention center.

  • Duarte Bruno

    What is the poll all about?
    The GH1 is the G1 sucessor!

    There is absolutely no way Panasonic will ever release a camera without video.

  • YeahYeah

    hmmm… That’s great news. Maybe we’ll see a price drop of the gf1 and/or a Gh1 successor. Or they maybe creating a G1 successor which could be really cheaper so as to conquer new markets…
    Whatever, I’m very surprised to see a reference to the L line! Are they going to release new L cameras? It doesn’t make any sense!

  • It will be a GH2 with a back lit CMOS sensor. The better low light sensor will help videos as much as it will help pictures because it will allow faster shutter speeds in low light situations.

    This new camera will be an awesome upgrade but it will be hard to justify spending the extra money because the GF1 and GH1 are already so great when used with fast glass. I predict this new camera will bring the m4/3s line dangerously(For Canon, Nikon, and Sony) close to the APS-C abilities.

    It won’t be a cheap camera but it will offer the right size and functionality. I also predict it will be offered with a variety of Kit lenses(20mm, 14-140, 14-45, and without a lens) even in the US.

    Just my prediction though.

  • I think mpgxsvcd’s idea is the most plausible. The one place most reviewers agree M4/3 still trails DSLRs is high-ISO performance — so if Pana has a new sensor that would address that, it would make sense to roll it into the product line as soon as possible.

    It seems logical to think they’ll gravitate their M4/3 offerings into two product lines, the “F” group (rectangular shape, more compact, “consumer” video capabilities) and the “H” group (mini-SLR shape, less compact, pro-like video capabilities.)

    The “H” camera would be the logical place to introduce the new sensor because the GH1 has been out longer and sells at a higher price (although recently cut — hint?) The current “F” camera (GF1) doesn’t seem to need any help selling right now — demand still exceeds supply in some places — so it would be logical to roll out its successor model a few months after the higher-end camera.

    (Whether they would call the upgraded camera the “GH2” or adopt a Nikon-like convention and call it something like “GH1s” would be another question…)

    For me, significantly better high-ISO performance would make it pretty easy to justify an upgrade from my G1 because even with fast lenses, there’s still a significant quality gap between the G1 and, say, the Nikon D300.

    (For example see some of the galleries here —
    — I shot all these with a G1 and, mostly, 50mm f/1.1 Nokton.)

    If they could close that gap, I’d almost never need to lug a DSLR outfit at all, and to me that would be worth the money!

  • lcruz

    I’m thinking in body image stabilization mated to optical Mega IOS. Also power zoom with variable speeds and presets. We can expect a sensor with a higher resolution than what’s already is available for compacts so expect above 15 megapixels. If all true expect panasonic to grab a bigger chunk of the interchangable lens market and getting both photographers & videographers to build brand loyalty.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Panasonic will not put In body image stabilization in their cameras. They have already committed to in lens image stabilization. They will not obsolete their own lenses. I can guarantee that.

    They would also receive to many support calls about when to enable IBIS and when to disable ILIS.

    If you want IBIS and m4/3s it is only going to come from Olympus.

    Remember Oly and Panny are not really competing against each other in m4/3s. You may compare them when you buy but they are not trying to dominate each other. They are both working together to try to capture market share from Canon, Nikon, and Sony. If they try to compete against each other they will just steal a large portion of a very small pie. They would much rather steal a slice from everyone elses pie while they are not looking.

  • murata

    I have heard Panasonic is planning to release FULL SIZE camera as Lumix brand. Maybe?

    • admin

      Hi Murata! Where did you hear that?

  • Mike

    mpgxsvcd says:
    January 15, 2010 at 9:01 am

    It will be a GH2 with a back lit CMOS sensor.

    Better low light performance in high ISO is what 4/3 sensors need with no difference compared to any state-of-the-art APS-C ones (and same or better dynamic range and details – weak AA filter). Hope that new Panasonic sensors won’t affect color rendition famed by Olympus.

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