(FT5) UPDATED-> White/beige E-P1 fullsize images!

Do you like it?

Source: http://www.shuttertalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=69151

Many Thanks to Kasey and O.N. who sent us the link simultaneously :)

UPDATE: The black E-P1 shown here (http://info.xitek.com/news/200906/15-20900.html) is clearly a fake!


UPDATE 2: Possible specs from http://forum.xitek.com/showthread.php?threadid=635107

Prices close to ¥ 90,000 ($917) Single lens plus two second half of the sale of 120,000 ($1,222) to ¥ 130,000 ($1,324)

17mm F2.8 sale  ¥ 10,000 ($101)  and 14-42mm F3.6-sell about ¥ 35,000 ($356)

1280×720 7min 1280×720 7min video
640×480 14min 640×480 14min
Liveview  with  embedded electronic Liveview shake correction
11區域AF 11 area AF
ISO 6400-200
Shutter speed 60-1/4000


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  • Big and sharp. Now THAT doesn’t look like a bigfoot picture. This one I believe.

  • Charles

    Not too wild about white…

  • Alfred

    No “IS” >.<

  • Lu

    I like it much more than what I’ve seen earlier.
    How good it really is then mostly depends on how well it is to operate, especially if one wants manual control. Hopefully exposure lock is easy to use.

  • Dylan

    So the zoom lens is collapsable… nifty.

  • Too beautiful for words!

  • Boris

    I hope the upper part (and the bottom) is not plastic.

  • KWW

    Not retro as promised, but total win on the form factor, especially if the auto focus is bulletproof.

  • Coffee Nut

    Where is【IS】logo? No IBIS?

  • I love design only except the part of a grip. I think black is better.

    Also, I was curious about Micro 12-42mm lens color (I was black!) now I am satisfied with that color.

    Furthermore, I am participating in E-P1 Launching show the day after tomorrow in South Korea.

    Everything will be unveiled at that time.

  • Bu

    The grip looks like a bald patch… And with a f2.8 pancake, using the optical viewfinder, I wonder where and how I attach the much needed flash…

  • Dear ‘Bu’

    That viewfinder is removable.
    You can attach the flash at the same place.
    Don`t worry about it.

  • Stroncis

    In most situations (except rare ones, like sun behind object), where you need a flash, you will be quite comfortable with lcd display, cause if you need flash, then light is truly not so strong to override display. I’d worry about this viewfinder/flash problem in last place.

  • Sorry but white and beige horrible colors I suppose there a black one or a silver

  • Simon

    …except the quite common situations where light is strong, overrides the display, and at the same time forces you to use a fill-in flash…bad luck then! ;)

    nevertheless I like the design (not too retro, as I feared) and if it’ll deliver decent image quality and G1-like auto focus performance I’ll be happy to get one as a travel camera.

    Still wondering where are they are hiding the fast primes and the IS logo!

  • what 4/3 should have been all along

  • Bill

    if it’s got sensor shift dust removal it might as well have IS, no?

    now I just want more and faster lenses! (and good IQ of course)

  • JayTee

    no decent Rear/base photos yet….was about to get a g1 for my old leica glass but this looks way way more suitable…as long as it has a shoot without lens mode etc etc

    all in all….Big Thumbs up from me!! :-)

  • Dylan

    Bill, the dust removal system on (µ)4:3 cameras merely shakes the filter, not the whole sensor. Hence even bodies like the E4#0 and all of those from Panasonic can have this without possessing sensor shift IS.

  • Looks nice for a camera collectors, mostly white camera finish like “white Leica M8.2” http://en.leica-camera.com/photography/special_editions/leica_M8_white/ so silver/black and beige/white options are coming and maybe fully black one I hope so. Price it like Panasonic LX-3 or less than Olympus E-620 street price at least (zoom or prime lens option with OVF included) and this mFT camera blows out serious compacts (image quality) and budget DSLRs (size). We will know more tomorow.

  • Mike
  • Kelvin

    > Liveview with embedded electronic Liveview shake correction

    Is this “shake correction” anything close to IS?

    • admin

      Yes! The E-P1 has BodyIS.

  • Bill

    Dylans: thanks. Still, kinda hard to imagine a new camera without sensor IS or OIS.

    100 bucks for the pancake? sold.

  • henrik

    Lookswise, i don’t like it at all. And this camera could fast look dirty.

  • morgan

    The prices of the lenses don’t exactly make sense, unless $917 is for the kit with the pancake. Other wise you could have both for $1018, so I’m not sure where the higher prices are coming from.

    I like the color scheme, but prefer silver or black.

    While I like usually like the look of external VF’s, i think it takes away from the e-p1. I’m glad it has one, although I assume it’s optical and just for the 17mm.

  • Eric

    What’s up with the minimum ISO of 200? I really hope it has a 100 setting because 200 is a bit noisy on these sensors.

  • christian

    I guess the ISOs were just re-labelled. On the G1 the sensitivity is actually around 50% (reported by others) -100% (my observation) higher than for other cameras (at the same ISO setting). As almost no one measures the real sensitivity for noise testing, it makes sense to put higher ISO labels onto the camera and therefore get better reviews.

  • christian

    to clarify: I meant that previous ISO 100 is now called ISO 200 and so on. This also may explain that the highest setting is now 6400 (3200 on the G1). As the sensors are expected to be merely identical (to the G1 or the GH1), I guess there won’t be “real” changes in ISO

  • Jos

    The design is horrible, especially the upper part.

  • yoshitoshi

    Wow, $1k. I know this will have size advantage but hopefully for this price it at least challenges a low-end canon slr. Will wait for a silver or black one as well. This better be $1k worth of metal & quality and not junk feeling plastic like we are too used to.

  • If Olympus is going to go retro with this camera, then they should have done it 100%.

    The top white section tries to blend too many current design aesthetics with its beveled tier and sloping arc to the left of the Olympus logo.

    The radius of all the corners are much too large. The corners should be much less round and much more angular.

    The brown leather-like grip is an interesting venture. Yet it appears that this grip is simply a rounded rectangle on the front of the camera resulting in just a patch-like appearance. For stronger aesthetic appeal, the grip should wrap around the edge of the camera. The beveled frame around the grip is an awkward framing element which only emphasizes the look of it being a patch.

    Essentially, the Olympus EP-1 should be more box-like in its overall appearance and within the details. Simplicity is king in retro design. Over-designed elements such as those featured in the white top diminish the retro look.

  • Ben

    I’d love it if the 17mm lens was USD 100. I’d be absolutely amazed. Maybe only USD 100 more if you get it as a kit but standalone?

    Also, USD 1,000 is the wrong price. No two ways about it. If it was pocketable with a 4/3 sensor, maybe. But it is to all intents and purposes the same size as the G1 with it’s excellent EVF (and similar price point).

  • Cassie

    The white and beige is absolutely gorgeous. Vintage. Elegant. Love it.

  • Only a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style and design

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