(FT5) Black Lens shipping info and YEN price.


I now got the prices in YEN of the new Olympus Black Lenses:

The 17mm f/1.8 will ship in September for 62,475 yen
The 45mm f/1.8 will ship in June for 36,750 yen
The 75mm f/18 will also ship in June for 124,950 yen

I checked the YEN prices of the Silver Lenses at Amazon Japan. The Black Lenses will have the same official price of the Silver counterpart. Of course you can now find the Silver lenses for a cheaper price here and there. But that’s because they are no on market for a longer time. Examples:
Cheapest 75mm price in Europe for 786 Euro in France (WebDistribution eBay). In USA some demo lenses for $799 at CameraLand (Click here).
Cheapest 45mm price in Europe for 269 Euro in Italy (g-comm-shop eBay). In USA for $349 at Amazon (Click here).
Cheapest 17mm price in Europe for 472 Euro in UK (SrsMicroSystem eBay). In USA for $449 at Amazon (Click here).


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