(FT5) And now full leak in Russia (with press release and LX7 pics!)


The Russian website 3Dnews (Translation here) leaked the full Panasonic press event.

1) And for the first time we also can see the new LX7. Full LX7 image samples download here: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2012/07/13/632251/panas.rar. There is no info about the sensor size but it looks like the LX7 is using a damn smalls sensor. This is NOT going to be the Sony RX100 competitor I hoped to see. So unlike their previous statements where they said that a LX camera with 1 inch sensor is “possible” they dind’t do it for real. Or maybe that camera is coming in one Month with the late August announcement?

2) And also first image samples taken with the G5!!! Full download of the samples here: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2012/07/13/632251/Primer.rar.

3) Panasonic says that by 2015, according to some projections, Mirrorless will overtake digital SLR cameras.

4) There is also a white G5. Click on the picture below to enlarge the image:

5) G5 spec comparison. Click on image:




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