(FT4) Small image piece of the OM camera (very unclear).


This is very likely the first REAL very small piece of image of the camera logo. I ask the anonymous source if he can send me another image where we can see just a bit more of the camera. Not the whole camera just a tiny bit more :) Oh and one more question: Is the dynamic range increase a result of the Olympus own designed sensor? Thanks!

Rumor correction: max ISO is 25.600 and not 25.800. Plus I have been told there are plenty of nice knobs/wheels on top of the camera, more than on the E-P3 and more or less like on the older OM cameras.

One more thing: The Japanese website Sankei (Click here) confirms the launch of the Olympus OM camera and writes that the camera+kit lens will cost a above $1000. What I don’t understood is if they got the news from their sources or via 43rumors? :)


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