(FT4) Ricoh is the first MicroFourThirds competitor


Image of the Ricoh Caplio GX200 (not the rumored camera! We hope to receive some pictures of the new camera soon)

Dear readers,

this time we do not publish Olympus or Panasonic rumor, we have a Ricoh rumor. But the thought it will interest you to know that Ricoh will become the first MicroFourThirds competitor. They will release a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. How do we know that? Our trusted sources confirmed that (and also some new ones).

We have only few informations:

– Announcement around November 10-12 and in store on December (99% chance the rumor will become truth)

– APS-C sensor (99%)

– Very similar in design and size to the Ricoh Caplio GX200 (80%)

– They will have their own mount…Not the rumored Pentax K-mount! (70%)

– It will use the new Epson EVF! (50%)

Some of our sources told us that the camera will beat the and specs.

As soon as we receive more specs and hopefully images we will post it on 43rumors.

  • Trevor

    Very exciting – looking forward to some pictures of the camera and what lenses will be introduced.

  • Tom

    I’d be interested if it had a micro 4/3 lens mount, but if it uses its own proprietary system, don’t really care, even if the sensor is slightly higher performance. I’m also highly interested in video, so I probably would pass on most full frame or APS-C sized systems, due to the overkill and downconversion that would be necessary for 1080p output, and the associated artifacts that it is creating in systems such as the Canon 5DmkII and 7D cameras.

  • Mike

    2010 will be a mirror-less camera year – I’m curious who brings real digital camera into this new segment – pure camera like tool for photographers. Solid, quiet, intuitive and unobtrusive type of digital camera (and not overpriced red dotted one). It may needs some competition – Ricoh could be good starter. Those kind of cameras have been already made in rangefinder’s 35mm film era. In digital age there is no equal replacement, but maybe this is just the beginning (E-P1 GF-1). Is this a return of compact high quality cameras or just marketing trick of making stylish fancy ones?

  • kww

    The Ricoh cameras are very nice, if the GF1 wasn’t out, I would of purchased one….
    Ricoh could help everyone if they went for a m4/3 mount.

  • It is such a shame that others aren’t joining in on the four thirds mount. This is a huge opportunity for all camera makers to increase there penetration. Unfortunately by coming up with their own mounts they are limiting their market.

    In my opinion this is a poor business decision.

    I would also have loved to see Leica join in on this mount too. :( For I would love to be able to chose a four thirds camera with full manual dials and controls (focusing, aperture, shutter speed and ISO) – minimal buttons and automation

  • Eric

    The more options the better, but I’m shocked that Ricoh is bold enough to use it’s own mount. I wonder if they’re rally just re-branding the Samsung NX. I don’t see how they think they can compete against m4/3’s and electronics giants like Samsung and Sony. Plus, we all know sooner or later Canikon is going to get in on the action, and once they take their huge part of the market I just don’t see much being left over for a relatively unknown company like Ricoh. Perhaps they are content being a niche player, but it seems like the best way to do that would be to join m4/3’s and team up to take on Sony, Samsung, Canon, and Nikon.

  • zim

    Thanks for the rumor, it save my day. I am now using the ricoh GR1 and a 25 years old leica M4-p, i always wanted to put the two of them into the blender, push the button and get what seems to be comming now. Just to have the naive pleasure to print the picture on an A3 size transparent support and under the red ligth, print the whole stuff on some real nice ilford FB paper. Being in Japan, christmas will be sweet…

  • I also would have preferred Ricoh to use a m4/3 sensor than an APS one for several reasons , the ratio of the image being the most important
    I also think that this sensor size offers the best compromise between size and quality at the current technology level
    that being said , a Ricoh camera in a larger sensor is great news indeed. They also have proven that they can make great lenses.
    Hopefully , it will be available soon

  • Gabriel

    Thier own mount ? Seems very strange, built new lenses takes times, if we look at what is avaible for µ4/3, there is two very similar zoom, a fast prime and a not so fast prime, and a good macro lens. A fast 28mm may arrive in 2010. Can ricoch be able to launch a all new camera and a complete system lens ?

  • Carlos

    I have an GX200 and the lens is very good…the camera is designed for a photographer…it makes it easier to take photos…i see no problem at all with Ricoh having their own lens mount. I can bet it will be an awesome camera. Just hope it wont be expensive. And i much prefer 3:2 over 4:3…so going APS-C is good…and it will also have better DR than m4/3 (my G1 sucks regarding DR)

  • Ricoh has always built camera with real photographic option AND for real photographer, since the GR1, all their camera s been dedicated to photography, i cannot wait for it, i am sure it will be great, after trying the Pana and the Olympus, i wasn’t that impress to switch from my LX3… november, november… ^..^

  • P Tinto

    A 12 MP Sony sensor?


    If it as good as the one in the D300… then, where are the lenses? That’s going to be the BIG problem for Ricoh.

  • xwmtgehod

    AZ ? wilds ? logistics, ? That ? that

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