(FT4) Panasonic MFT camera in September?


Finally we got a rumor from a more reliable source…from Panasonic France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In an interview with Photobusiness.fr , a French online magazine, he (Luc Saint-Elie, Panasonic France.) hints that the next Panasonic MicroFourThirds cameras could be unveiled in September. He adds that the ‘platform’ could allow manufacturers to come up with radical design such as a spherical camera. You can read the full interview here (in French).

via: http://www.1854.eu/2009/07/panasonic_to_announce_new_micr.html

Original interview with google translation in english here

DAMN! May our BIG Source were right saying the Panasonic MFT camera could be released soon!!! I will contact him and ask him for the specs!
May that’s why there are not many in stock?


Asked about Luc Saint Elie’s statement, Panasonic UK had this to say: “The statement in that article solely reflects Luc Elie’s personal opinion. Panasonic is evaluating options to constantly expand the MicroFourThirds product category, which also includes new body designs. At this time however, there is nothing that we would have to announce.

via: http://www.1854.eu/2009/07/panasonic_to_announce_new_micr.html


Personal opinion: Of course Panasonic UK denies the “rumor”. They can’t do anything else!

P.S.: Thanks Henry for sending the link!


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