(FT4) New Olympus MFT and fast zoom on sale in Spring (no CP+ announcement).


Private note first: The last three weeks I was busy because of family reasons. Finally I managed to reorganize my working day so that I can be 100% back on 43rumors. The last three days I had busy conversations with sources and they helped me a lot to get a clearer focus on the new product announcement roadmap. And if you feel that in these last three weeks I missed to post some of your work or reviews please mail me the links back at 43rumors@gmail.com. As you know I am doing all alone here on 43rumors and sometimes I need your understanding…thanks!

And now let’s talk about the next Olympus products. It’s months now that the I tell you something “different” and “new” is coming from Olympus. And that has been now confirmed by some of my sources. What I learned now is that Olympus will 100% market the new kind of camera in Spring. The real surprise is that they will not(!) announce it at the CP+ show yet but they opted for a later announcement. The reason is yet unknown, but from my parallel work on MirrorlessRumors I noticed a convergence of new product releases in late March-early April (new Canon EOS-M with integrated EVF, new NEX, and new Panasonic G5 successor). It may be casual…it may be not.

The new camera is rumored to have the new Epson 2,36 viewfinder and a new overall camera design. And there should be a fast zoom too (no, not the busted 50-150mm f/2.8 rumored lens).

And now back to the Cp+ show. Yes, there will be an Olympus product announcement but not for the new camera. More about that will come soon. And some Panasonic rumor too. So stay tuned on 43rumors!