(FT4) Four new Olympus and Panasonic FourThirds and MicroFourThirds cameras until May-June! And Four MFT lenses! And more to come!


The Panasonic MicroFourThirds lens roadmap

In these days we are receiving an increasing ammount of new rumors. If only half of them will come true, I would be extremely happy! You can definitely expect some exciting news soon.

There is a 90% chance that between February and May-June we will see:
– at least two new Olympus FourThirds cameras
– at least two new MicroFourThirds cameras cameras, one from Olympus and one from Panasonic
– at least four MicroFourThirds lenses (two from Olympus and two from Panasonic)

With “at least” I want to say that there could be more of this!

There is a 60% chance to see:
– new FourThirds Olympus Zuiko Lenses
– a new Panasonic LX3 successor
– more compact cameras (no MicroFourThirds!)

Keep following us!

The 43rumors guys

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And the Panasonic LX3 price is falling and falling…(amazon)


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