(FT3) Will Zeiss make the 15.5-45mm f/2.6 Zoom for the AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds camera?


Two sources told us that Zeiss is taking into consideration to make a Micro Four Thirds “version” of the current 15.5-45mm f/2.6 Zoom lens. The sources told us the lens could be available by mid 2011.
That would be a very nice lens to use on the new AG-AF100 (Click here to preorder the camera at BHphoto). Anyway the price is really far too high and the the focal length not so optimal. Only a professional filmmaker will consider to buy it. I guess for us “poor” IndieFilmmaker’s the Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 is a far more affordable choice. It covers a much more interesting focal lenght, it has autofocus and it’s damn cheap (check out current auctions on eBay). If you need a faster zoom you can get the Olympus Zuiko 14-35mm f/2.0 Lens. And finally Panasonic itself promised us to make a bright zoom lens (to be announced in February-March 2011?).

Note: The fastest Zeiss zoom lenses are the 6-24mm f/1.9 ($47,460.00 at BHphoto!) and the 17-112mm f/1.9 lens ($48,860.00 at Bhphoto!).

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