(FT3) The E-P3 is coming?


Above: A rendering of a possible E-P3 with built-in EVF (Not the real camera!)

According to rumors we received and according to the german magazine Photographie.de (a well known and reputable magazine) Olympus will soon announce the E-P3. The camera will be placed above the Olympus E-P2 (better specs). It is very likely that it will use the new Panasonic 14 Megapixel sensor. There is a rumor about a built-in EVF that we can’t confirm yet.
It also seems that the E-P3 is NOT the MFT high-end model. That model will come in 2011. The E-P3 for example is not weather sealed :(

I ask our german readers if they can send me a scan of the Photographie magazine where they talk about that camera. Thanks!

P.S: Something personal…may you will not believe me but I am working on rumors from here:

It’s a nice place in the middle of nowhere (Tuscany). Internet connection (via UMTS) doesn’t work very well but I really needed to be in a place like this! I enjoy the silence and the sun, and I hope to be able to catch some nice rumor from here :)


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