(FT3) UPDATED Samsung NX-10 launch delay?


Latest rumors do say that the Samsung NX-10 could be announced a little later than expected (final announcement on January 10?). The camera was expected to be announced in December. Let’s see what happens!


Source: redcrow (dpreview forum)

I got more updates of NX10.

1. Samsung will start teaser ad. in next week in Korea.
2. Samsung will announce AND launch NX10 in next several weeks.
NX10 will be launched into the world market at the same time.

3. Some NX10s have been delivered / will be delivered to camera review websites/magazines.
They are asked to zip their lips until the official announcement.
4. Samsung keep working on stabilizing the firmware.

NX10 has an interesting feature.

It has burst mode. (Up to 30 shots with 7 fps). It seems to be similar feature with K20D’s, I guess. But I didn’t hear how it works.


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