(FT3) Next bad news? New Panasonic DMW-LVF2 will not work on current GF cameras.


This is a rumors website and I there are times I strongly hope my sources are wrong. Like in that case! Because according to an info I got from trustworthy source the new Panasonic DMW-LVF2 viewfinder which will be announced along the Panasonic GX1 on November 8 will not work on all current GF cameras! I have been told the LVF2 has completely different physical connections. This is pity. I don’t know yet if the reason behind that is that the “old” GF connections could not be used to transfer a higher amount of data for the viewfinder or if that is another move from Panasonic to sell more GX1 cameras. I wish Panasonic will explain the reason why the new viewfinder is not compatible with current GF cameras because otherwise people will get upset.

P.S.: The new viewfinder has 1.44k dots and is til-table. I don’t know the price yet. The current Panasonic DMW-LVF2 costs around 150 Euro/Dollars at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

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