(UPDATED to FT4) New Lumix cameras and camcorder presentation on April 5!


Some of our sources are telling us that Panasonic is preparing a huge event where they claim that they will show “new Lumix cameras and camcorders“. Of course we know that at least a new GF5 and a new m43 camcorder will be announced. It has to be seen if there will be something else too but I have no hope that there will be a GH3.
I think it’s Panasonic strategy to not announce too many new products on the same day. That’s why the G5 could be announced in May.

UPDATE: More sources confirmed the announcement will be made on Thursday April 5th (Japan time).

One more thing: Of course this is just my personal wish but I am still waiting for my Micro Four Thirds Lumix DMC-L1 camera to become real! That is a beauty of a camera! I know Panasonic is reading me that’s why from time to time I am writing that message :)
P.S.: You can still find some DMC-L1 cameras on eBay (Click here).


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