(FT3) HOT! Panasonic to announce a completely new type of camera (early July)


According to rumors we received yesterday Panasonic will announce a new camera which will not be comparable with any camera released by Panasonic before. We are not talking about long awaited LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3LX3 successor. The LX4 (or LX5) will be announced late July or before Photokina. And we are not talking about a camera with interchangeable lenses. The sources did not tell us exactly how it will look like but we from 43rumors believe it will be a MicroFourThirds camera with fixed lens (like the Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2Sigma DP2)

The camera should be unveiled early July. We hope some of our sources can tell us more about that camera soon!

Thanks Heli. ;)

  • Miroslav

    Is Panasonic re-branding a Leica camera this time :) ?

  • DTEG

    A fixed (hopefully not fixed focal length though?) lens MFT would indeed be nice.

    After all, years ago I bought a super compact non-interchangeable lens camera with a half decent zoom, and even full-frame – for £150. Oh, it was 35mm film, not digital – and one of the best sellers of its time (Olympus Mju Zoom). Absolutely no reason not to have a digital equivalent, and really no idea why the manufacturers have for so long shied away from doing so.

  • If only they made a digital rangefinder with a decent sensor and interchangeable lenses..

  • Duarte Bruno

    3D compact camera?

  • Din

    APS-C fixed lens camera… Leica X1 re-branded.

  • Blaze

    A MicroFourThirds camera with fixed lens?! What’s the point?

  • Boris

    That’s a good question Blaze!
    It’s hard to compete with Sigma DP cameras.
    One needs a better sensor to do it.

  • Radis.Rut

    Quote : Miroslav
    “Is Panasonic re-branding a Leica camera this time :) ?”


  • Ray

    4/3 version of the FZ50?


  • Neil

    Yes if and its a big if, the new fixed lens panasonic is the long awaited follow up to the FZ30 and FZ50 then it is great news. In fact there is only the Fuji HS10 in that market currently and if Panasonic use the micro 4/3 sensor in a fixed lens version it will almost certainly blow it out of the water…

  • Thoger

    Wish it was a small sensor IL camera (read FZ50 with IL).
    But 3D sounds like a good guess.

  • Thoger

    I wish it was a small sensor IL camera, i.e. an FZ50 with IL.
    But a 3D camera sounds more likely to me.

  • Rob-L

    Oh my – here’s hoping it’s a m43 sensor in a FZ50 or even a Canon G11 type body.

  • G.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess a fixed lens, medium format ultracompact body, with a 50-200mm lens (ie, 25-100mm 35mm equivalent). :)

  • don

    My hopes are for a m4/3 version of the Samsung 1/1.6″ sensor EX1 with its lens and features and size ie 24-72mm/ f2.5-4.5. Of course the lens speed would have to be a stop slower than EX1 as noted above but that is still faster than any m4/3 zoom lens out there . The key to this faster lens is limit its zoom range some as you can alway use in camera cropping to go a little longer for portrait use. Also in HD video could easily get good output all way out to 140mm + effective range and still be fast enough. As others have pointed out no reason why a collapsing lens could not be significantly smaller when collapsed than the typical kit zoom lens for ILSs. The camera probably would not be any larger than the EX1, NEX5, or X1. With m4/3 sensor Pany could easily add HD video to mix which would be wonderful with a swivel OLED screen.

  • Whats the point of m43 FZ50?
    You have the G2/G10/GH1 plus 14-140 or the new 14-150,
    If you prefering 36-420 instead of 28-300 then i dont think its worth a new camera, one can always crop the 300mm to 420 and with the pana14-140 the center is quite sharp,
    I really doubt its gonna be a fixed lens m43, because there is just no point whatsoever in developing such camera, one can make new lens and glu it to the camera

    If its indeed a large-sensor fixed lens then the sensor would be either bigger or smaller then 43

  • San

    If they can make the camera pocket compact than that would be a great point, otherwise, I don’t see a point either.

  • Voldenuit

    I think a DP2-esque camera would be sweet.

    A fixed lens compact with a MFT sensor and something like the 20/1.7 lens would be sweet. Panasonic could also use a 0.7x wide converter (they have something very similar already) that screws on the front to turn it into a wide angle lens.

    It could fit into a shirt pocket – after all, it ought to be smaller than the X1 if it uses a MFT sensor.

  • LX-4/3

    the LX3-Body with a MFT-Sensor is my guess.

  • Godot

    “will not be comparable with any camera released by Panasonic before” could be quite a few things, but I guess a DP/X1 type camera would be pretty high on the list of “completely new for Panasonic” cameras. And it would probably be very nice at just about any focal length from 12 to 25mm.

    But I find it just a little hard to believe that such a camera is on the way alongside new LX and GF models (and presumably some kind of ultra-slim m43 camera in response to NEX, whether it’s a GF-series camera or something else).

    Then again, this is a company that has not been shy about peppering its compact camera lineup with 1001 variations to fill every conceivable niche, so maybe this isn’t all that far-fetched.

  • spanky

    I think it would have to be some sort of large-sensor compact as well. I suppose it may also be a case of “hybrid fixed lens cameras are selling better than we think”, in which case the FZ50-like 4/3 sensor camera makes some sense, although not for the visitors of this website. I think for the general consumer population a fixed-lens GH1 would make sense. I bet most camera users out there, even the ones who buy m4/3 cameras, don’t ever swap out their kit lenses, but are still looking for that DSLR-like IQ and controls + video.

    So I’m betting on either a large-sensor compact with fixed focal length lens, or a fixed-lens GH1-type hybrid zoom camera with a touchscreen LCD, etc.

  • Ark-kun

    >If you prefering 36-420 instead of 28-300 then i dont think its worth a new camera, one can always crop the 300mm to 420
    Will it be F/2.8 like FZ50?

  • spam

    “will not be comparable with any camera released by Panasonic before” could only mean two things:
    1. Marketing hype
    2. The rumour is false

    I guess FT3 mean it’s 60% likely to be real (ie marekting hype).

    It would be nice with a FZ20 replacement though, I liked the F2.8 lens.

    • admin

      The source told me that it will be “a completely new camera” and it will create a lot of “excitement”. :)

  • Tori

    If it’s fullframe, I’m in. If not, pass.

  • Catastrophile

    a camcorder that takes a fixed m4/3 lens and takes a movie while shooting a picture or vice versa.

    and if Olympus doesn’t get its act, this could be the last nail in their coffin they will go the way of the Minolta, i hope not but i make distinction between what i hope and what i predict.

  • Gary Goodenough

    It is a biologically based quantum camera.

  • Chow

    Ultrazoom bridge cam with 43 sensor. Not my choice of cam but I can imagine it will sell.

  • Godot

    If it’s an ultra-zoom, either the lens needs to be massive or the zoom range has to be something like 10x — plenty for just about anyone, but a tough sell when the competition has 24x or more and many potential customers have scant notion of sensor size. And even at 10x, it’ll still be a pretty big camera (the GH1 + 14-140 give a clue).

    For those reasons, my guess is that if it is indeed a fixed-lens camera with a 4/3 sensor, it will probably not zoom at all, and be a compact X1/DP1-2 competitor.

    But who knows… maybe the size savings from going all-in-one make the ultra-zoom idea practical?

  • Dave_in_MI

    I’m guessing a 3D video cam. Gotta come up with a lure to sell all those 3D TVs.

  • Marty4650

    A fixed lens LX4 with a 4/3 sensor and a 12-30mm zoom and HD video would be great.

    In essence, an LX3 with much better IQ.

    The perfect street shooter for DSLR users who have another camera for their 300mm lenses!

  • E V

    Panasonic like the olympus is going modular…

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