(FT2) E-PM to cost 399 Euro (599 for the E-PL5)


I got some more bits about the new Olympus PEN cameras:

The screen on the E-PL5 swings like the one of the Sony F3. It shoots 9fps. There is no built-in flash. The price with kit lens 599 Euro/Dollars. The E-PM2 with kit lens costs 399 Euro/Dollars.

While I leaked the full GH3 specs I still don’t know the final GH3 price. But I have the “suspect” that Panasonic still hasn’t unveiled to anyone what the price will be. They may are waiting to see what others are bringing? I hope that now that Nikon lowered the mark of FF cameras (with the D600) Panasonic may do the same on the pro GH3 :)



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