Forbes likes the E-M5 (and some E-M5 deal reminders)


It’s morning here in Europe! We slept the whole night while our US friends had the chance to chose one deal after another. We don’t have those kind of nice deals and all I can give you is just two links to some E-M5 rebates. But before that check out what Forbes wrote about Olympus. Nice to see them like the E-m5 too :)

And here are your little chance to grab an E-M5 for a cheaper price than the regular price. Nine refurbished E-M5 cameras are for sale on Olympusmarket (Click here) (via Slidoo). You really shoudn’t pay more than 900 Euro because that is the price where you can get them new(!) on eBay UK (Click here), France (Click here) or Italy (Click here).

P.S.: Login and Svae this search on Slidoo eBay to get notified on E-M5 ebay price drops.


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