First Panasonic GH2 video test!


Prototype Panasonic GH2 Footage from Photokina 2010 from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

EOSHD posted a first preview of the new Panasonic GH2. You can see some basic ISO-test. He says: “ISO 800 is silky smooth, it looks like ISO 200 on the GH1. It really is virtually noiseless. ISO 1600 is clean and ISO 3200 perfectly useable especially in video mode. Like with the GH1 there is a step change between ISOs higher up. On the GH1, the degradation happened between 800 and 1600 but on the GH1 it only goes down hill between 3200 and 6400 – a great improvement!

UPDATE: Amazon fixed the issue and removed the GH2. Link below does’t work anymore :(
Weird: Amazon has the SILVER Panasonic GH2 available for preorder for…$0,01 only (definitely a mistake!)

First GH2 Light Speed AF Demo (with the 14-140mm lens)


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